Sunday, May 24, 2015


March 21, 2015

This guy is such a delight and we absolutely love seeing his personality blossom. 
Josiah’s chubby cheeks beg to be pinched, his smile is infectious, and there’s nothing sweeter than his chunky arms encircling my neck as he plants a wet kiss on my check.
He flirts with girls and invites guys to chase him.
He loves to initiate high-fives and fist bumps.
He’ll say 10 hardy good-byes before a person can get out the door.
Words include: birthday, Ryan, apple, dada, mama, wa-wa (water), bubbles, more, over there, get up, jump, ball, that one, po po (broken), down, on, amen, yes, no, off, back, there you are, thank you, bye, hi, cant do it, you do it, bath, what’s that, please
He points to and can say: nose, eye, ear, mouth, head, hair, teeth, belly, and feet.
He loves his belly button and everyone else’s.
He loves to roar like a lion and bark and pant like a dog.
He’s on a chocolate milk kick and checks the sippy cup to make sure he can see chocolate on the bottom.
He love singing happy birthday and pretending to blow out the candles.
He loves to clap at his accomplishments and yells, “Go Ryan” from the soccer sidelines.
He loves putting the foot stool up on the lazy boy when occupied, thinks he’s invisible with sun glasses on, taking bubble baths, looking through books and occasionally ripping them.

He loves to be outside with water, rocks and dirt (mud is a bonus).
He’s always coloring on the walls and/or himself.
He discovered Monster Inc. on the ipod and wants to be on it all the time.
He’s obsessed with drinking out of straws and loves mom’s fruit smoothies.
He’s constantly taking his clothes off, he doesn’t like wearing shoes, and he’s discovered how to open our front door.
He rearranges furniture to get things on higher shelves.
He stands on our kitchen counters, jumps and falls off beds, does things just to see if he can get away with it, dumps everything over, pours everything out, and is a very active 2 year old.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


March 10, 2015

We went with friends of ours to the Waco Cameron Zoo.  The kids loved it (we don’t get to do things like this in Paraguay).

 Claire slept through most of her first zoo experience.

Julia LOVES monkeys and did not want to leave  this orangutan

CLAIRE at 2 months

11lbs and 22in, both are 39% of the growth chart
Size 1 diapers
3 months clothes already!
Loves her vibrating seat
Sleeps best when swaddled
Likes bath time (and Julia loves to help)

Goes to bed around 10pm, wakes up around 2am and then 5am to nurse.  Thankfully she usually goes back to sleep (what a great baby!). 
Found hand and stares at it intensely

Had first bottle while Jeff and I were out on a date

 Josiah loves his sister.  He always asks to hold her.  He’s always wanting to lay by her, check on her, put her pacifier back in or get in the cradle with her.

Julia loves her little sister.  She always asks to hold her or have her sit (lay) next to her.  They love to dress alike.

The other kids are such a big help!

Claire is such a happy girl.  She is very responsive to us.  She smiles and goos at us. 

 And she’s such a patient model, putting up with my obsession with taking her photo! I seriously cannot get enough of her!