Saturday, March 27, 2010


SOCCER game #1
Saturday, March 13, 2010

The soccer field will be our home Saturday mornings. Ryan and Tyler are both playing and had their first today.
Tyler was quite funny (or should I say frustrating?) to watch as he watched us more than he watched the ball (he is, after all, just 5 years). At his age group, there isn’t supposed to be goal-tending, but Tyler insisted that he was the goalie and he didn’t want to leave the net! Every couple minutes he gave us a huge grin “thumbs up” sign…too cute.

Ryan’s game was fun to watch – 8 on 8 players, full length field, strategy and positions. Ryan played forward (he had some great passes) and goalie (he had a great block). His team won 2-0.

Tyler watching his teammates on the field.

Sideline encouragement/coaching from dad.

Tyler being the goalie.

Ryan dribbling the ball.

Ryan as goalie.

SOCCER game #2
Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ryan’s team lost 0-1. Ryan felt bad after the game because it was while he was goalie that the other team scored. As forward, he did a great job of hustling and got in a few good kicks and dribbles.

During Tyler’s practice this past week, he refused to participate saying that he was too tired, so I wasn’t sure what he was going to do at the game. To our surprised, he actually tried to get the ball…a vast improvement from last week. He still looked over at us ever couple minutes to receive affirmation.

Our budding Futbol player...he was born in Paraguay afterall.

Ryan going down the field.

Tyler (#4) actually participating! Love the "herd" mentality!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls Only Spring Break

March 17-20

I am so blessed to have not just one best friend, but three best friends AND best friends that date back as far as jr high and high school. For Spring Break, we had a much needed, much anticipated girls’ trip. One of my bff’s, Alexis, hosted us at her house in Euless (Dallas area) for two nights (because she has an 11 month old baby) and the third night we stayed in a hotel.
We spent Wednesday - Saturday together ... just hanging out, staying up each night entirely too late (you know it’s late when someone says, “Hey is that the sun coming out already?”), laughing until we cried and our sides ached, reminiscing about “the olden days”, watching movies (at the theater!), shopping and eating. It doesn’t get any better than this among friends!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I SURRENDER ALL….I can never get through that hymn without tears. We sang it this morning at church and by the first chorus I was choked up. That bold statement – I surrender all - always gets my attention and I have to ask, have I REALLY surrendered ALL? As the congregation sang, I felt as if I was walking along side of Abraham. I felt his heart breaking as he hiked with Isaac, prepared an altar, and laid his only son as an offering in obedience to the Most High God. It is one thing for God to take away (maybe like in Job’s case). I have had “taken away” before and it hurts. For me, it is easier to say, “You have been so faithful to me and if you take my family away, I know I will continue to trust in your sovereign plan.” It is far harder to say, “I surrender my physical body. I willingly give up my husband to you. I lay my kids on the altar as a sacrifice in obedience. I SURRENDER ALL.” By the end of the song and by the end of wrestling with the power of those words, I am finally able to sing and mean it with all my heart…..I SURRENDER ALL.

Monday, March 15, 2010


March 1, 2010

Jeff and I drove to Dallas yesterday to share at an annual SIM related event sponsored by the church our SIM regional rep attends. During the 3 hour event, we ate a great BBQ lunch, heard testimonies from other missionaries, and were encouraged by so many prayer warriors. We met one of our supporters for the first time – a feisty 98 year old who told me that she supports 60 missionaries! Another lady in her 90s made a bee-line for us and although we had never met, she said that she prays for our family daily by name. She told us that she was so thankful to finally meet us. How humbling!

There were 6 other missionaries who spoke that afternoon. Since Jeff and I shared last, I used that time to silently rehearse what I was going to say. My testimony begins something like this:

I am so thankful to not only have grown up in a Christian home but in a home that was very mission minded. From a young age, I was encouraged to take mission trips, my family was always hosting missionaries and all my close friends’ parents were either training missionaries, had served overseas, or were preparing to go out. Behind the pulpit at our church hung a huge banner which stated the Great Commission – “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” As I read those words week after week and heard incredible testimonies of real life missionaries, I thought, who wouldn’t want to sign up for this kind of life? In Jr High God sent a lady into my life who had worked in Africa as a nurse. I saw her pictures of malnourished, big bellied children, burn victims, orphans, and cripples and I just knew that I wanted to serve overseas as a nurse.

As I silently rehearsed, I looked around the table at my children who were very attentive, listening to the others and watching ministry videos. It was such a flashback to my childhood! An overwhelming joy washed over me. They are so blessed to be surrounded by such faithful men and women of God. I have always prayed use my children for your glory, o Lord, but then I realized what a ridiculous prayer that was. Being used is not an option for the Christian. Being used does not depend on Him, but on us – our wholehearted desire to be at all times in the center of His will. Lord, may my children hunger and thirst to be use by you.
There is no way to predict where in the world all my children will end up serving the Lord. It is exciting to think that perhaps one day they will be the ones speaking to a crowd and saying, “Not only did I grown up in a Christian home, but one that was very mission minded….”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Piano Recital

Sunday, March 7, 2009

Sunday Ryan, Ginny, and Joshua had their first piano recital. They played pieces that they had composed. I am not sure who was more nervous – them or me. When Ginny was finished she said, “I was so nervous. My knees were shaking so badly that my hands forgot what to do.” All three did a fabulous job and I am so proud of their courage and talent.

On a side note, towards the end of the recital Micah grabbed my bracelet. It broke, sending beads noisily bouncing all over the floor. I was quite embarrassed!

Kids pointing to their compositions.

Ryan's composition is called Another Day at the Office

Ginny's composition is called The Animal Zoo

Joshua's composition is called The Jumping Monkey

Saturday, March 6, 2010


We have really been enjoying the Olympics on TV.

While watching the ski jump Ginny said, “That looks easy, but I think it is harder than it looks.”
Shocked, I said, “You think that looks easy?”
Ginny replied in all seriousness, “Well, all you have to do is ski down that big hill and jump as far as you can. And in the air you have to figure out how to land without breaking your legs.”

Tyler is fascinated with the ski cross. He said, “I want to do that at the Olympics one day.”
I said, “Well, then you’ll have to start practicing now if you want to get any good at it by then.”
Tyler replied, “No, I don’t want to do it now, I want to do it at the next Olympics.”
“Oh,” I said. “But these people have been practicing for years. When they were your age, they already knew how to ski.”
He gave me a puzzled look and pointed to the TV. “Are they kids or adults?”
“They are adults.”
With a little annoyance in his voice he said, “And when I am an adult, I will ski like that too, but now I am just a kid so I can play.”
I realized that there was no point in arguing with him…..

Other non-Olympic funnies:

Ryan (I don’t get too many quotes off of him, so I am glad he gave me a good one!): “Can I have a barbarian filled doughnut?” (Bavarian)

Ginny: “Can I shovel the cards?” (Shuffle)

Tyler: “I wear these so my ribs don’t get hit.” (Knocking on his shin guards).

Monday, March 1, 2010

18 weeks

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The day my first trimester ended, I gained so much energy. It is amazing how much the baby (as tiny as it is) zaps your get-up-and-go. I am feeling great and even beginning to show.