Friday, December 29, 2017


October 1, 2017

Chloe the cat had four kittens.  Ginny was right there to help with the delivery. 

We all loved the kittens, but Zoe LOVED the kittens.  She tried to nurse on Chloe but that didn’t work, so she settled for taking naps right in the middle of the litter.  Chloe didn’t mind that, and, in fact, she’d lick and clean up Zoe as if she were one of her own.  

As the kittens got older and bigger, Zoe loved to wrestle with them.  The kittens loved to play with Zoe’s tail.  It really was the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Asuncion is definitely our home away from home.  We find ourselves heading up to the city (5 hour drive) about once a month for various reasons - mission meetings, airport runs, orthodontic work, car maintenance, etc.  This month we had to go to Asuncion for Ginny and Joshua to take their PSAT.
 This is what the road leading out of our town looked like as we left for Asuncion. The bridge was completely underwater.  We had to take turn around and take the back roads.
When we travel, we take Zoe.
Taking Ginny and Joshua out for Japanese to celebrate their taking the PSAT.
Ginny studying with Zoe.

October 10, 2017
Currently Makayla is LOVING her mommy. I’m flattered.  Her face lights up when she sees me which is definitely a heart melter.  However, she lets out a shrill cry any time someone (including Jeff) tries to take her from me.
Currently she is 20lbs.
Currently she is sporting two bottom teeth.  A top tooth is ready to pop through any day now.
She is currently not sporting a bump or a bruise which is nice since she is at that stage where she falls a lot.
She is currently NOT a champion sleeper.  Jeff and I have tried lots of things to get her to sleep in her crib all night long.  Bottom line is this: she is a cuddle-bug and needs physical touch ALL NIGHT LONG.

 Car problems…it took 3 vehicles to help our one vehicle.  we were stuck in Asuncion until our car was out of the shop.
 On the way home from Asuncion our car stalled no less than 5 times.  Jeff had to get out each time, get under the van and jiggle wires.  we stopped at another missionary's house to stay the night.  Jeff and Greg worked on the car and and, praise God, we didn't have any more troubles the follow day driving home. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017


The big THIRTEEN!  Another teenager in the house.  We sure love Tyler.  He is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.  He is sweet, helpful, easy to hang with and loves a good joke.  He is sporty and adventurous and loves to be with his friends and family. 

We were in Asuncion for Tyler’s birthday.  He Tyler requested a TGIFriday lunch and Dad’s asado for dinner.  Tyler picked three types of sausage, pork, beef and chicken and of course, chicken hearts.  One missionary described the meal as “meat feast 2017”.  He requested a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Saturday, December 23, 2017


This morning when Micah woke up Julia said, “Micah, you still look 10.”  Whether he looks ten or eleven, the truth is, this guy is growing up fast.

Micah requested chocolate crepes for breakfast, dad’s asado for lunch and strawberry cake in the shape of the Paraguayan flag.

Micah loves:
Serving others by making special coffee or chocolate drinks or helping with his sibling’s chores
Making crepes, pancakes and popcorn for all
Taking care of Makayla
Unturned game on the computer
Playing outside
Seafood (especially shrimp)
Chinese food (especially friend rice and egg rolls)
Calvin and Hobbs
The Burbs (movie)
Science coop and it’s experiments
Performing stunts with friends and bike tricks
Watching movies

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Sometimes ministry looks like....showing a Christian themed movie on our porch

Sometimes ministry looks like....having lots of boys over each evening to play soccer
 Sometimes ministry looks like....attending a friend's 80th birthday (above) or a neighbor's birthday luncheon (below)

Sometimes ministry looks like....a pancake breakfast for teens and a nice discussion about baptism

 Sometimes ministry looks like...taking a van full to a tree planting day at SIM's camp Yvytyrusu

Sometimes ministry looks like....visiting a friend who just had a baby

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


It was fun to watch the high schoolers show off their culture.  I am very thankful for Paraguay - it's culture, people and food.