Saturday, December 24, 2016


 We bought a turkey!  And we fed him well and a couple days before Thanksgiving we killed him. 
 Kids who were playing in our yard gathered around to watch the event.
 Jeff hanging the turkey up to bleed out
 Plucking the turkey

 Josiah wanted his picture with the turkey

Jeff roasting off the remaining stubborn hairs.
 Nearly 10lbs
On Thanksgiving Day almost our entire team gathered to celebrate – there were 40 of us.  It was a beautiful day filled with volleyball, children splashing in kiddie pools, lots of food, worship and fellowship.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


11-2-16: 34 weeks

Normal pregnancy symptoms: peeing every 10 minutes, low back is sore, not sleeping well at night.

Baby’s weight: 2.3kg.  I am on track to have an 8lb baby says the app.

Ginny took maternity photos of me.

 11-9-16: 35 weeks
Baby’s clothes are all washed and put away.

11-16-16: 36 weeks
In a month we get to meet her.  So exciting!
Baby is 5lbs, 5oz, 46% for weight

11-23-16: 37 weeks
The maternity clothes that I once thought were huge and would never fit have become snug.

Jeff’s nesting.  He’s packed the baby medical stuff – umbilical clamp, intubation gear, oxygen tank, pitocin, sterilized instruments, pads, and suction.


We've had several days where the temperature has reached mid-90s.  and summer isn't officially here yet.  Yikes!
 Pool time
 A little nap in the hammock

Yummy watermelon
 We’ve just added tether-ball and volleyball to our yard.  
This guy wakes up in the morning with major bed head.  Josiah looked in the mirror and said, “I look like a dinosaur!”

We’ve finally convinced a fruit and vegetable delivery man that it would be worth his while to stop at our house to sell his products.  He has numerous things that I cannot find locally like carrots. Lettuce, cucumbers and pumpkin.  He also has a lot of each product and doesn’t bat an eye when I ask for 20 pineapples. 


Sunday evening Bible study continues.


Packed with 15 ladies and a few kids, our white van bumped and bounced down the dirt road one bright and early Saturday morning.  An hour and a half later we arrived in Yuty in time for the woman’s Bible story training.  What a wonderful day it was learning 6 Bible stories, retelling them to the group and discussing their significance.     

Monday, December 19, 2016


I am convinced that Ginny’s goat, Gypsy, is only alive due to Ginny’s TLC and a very loving father.  Maya, our dog, attacked her from behind and bit several chunks.  When Ginny heard a high-pitched goat cry she ran to the field and came back a couple minutes later with a bloody goat in her arm and calling for mom and dad.  We thought that was it.  But after an hour Gypsy was still hanging on to life so Jeff took her to the mobile clinic and sewed her up.  It took over 2 hours as he sewed about 15 places.  Gypsy just laid listless in Ginny’s lap.  We carried her to Ginny’s room to begin her recovery.  Ginny loves her animals and is very tenderhearted toward them.  It was very tough for her to see Gypsy in pain and think about losing her.  Through teary eyes, Ginny made Gypsy as comfortable as possible. 

She played classical music for Gypy and wrapped her in warm blankets.  She cleaned and brought food and water.  She even held visiting hours and brought in the other animals so Gypsy wouldn’t feel lonely.   For 4 days it was pretty tough and go and sweet Gypsy was in a lot of pain.  We went sure her back legs worked and we weren’t sure she wasn’t hemorrhaging inside.  And then….Gypsy pooped.  Never thought we’d be so thankful to see goat poop (in the house). 

She has made a great recovery.  Ginny’s daily given her medicine and dressed her wounds.  She’s been dealing with infection and fly strike.  Now, a month later, Gypsy seems just fine.  Her gait is a bit wobbly and she’s flat hoofed on on side.