Wednesday, December 21, 2016


11-2-16: 34 weeks

Normal pregnancy symptoms: peeing every 10 minutes, low back is sore, not sleeping well at night.

Baby’s weight: 2.3kg.  I am on track to have an 8lb baby says the app.

Ginny took maternity photos of me.

 11-9-16: 35 weeks
Baby’s clothes are all washed and put away.

11-16-16: 36 weeks
In a month we get to meet her.  So exciting!
Baby is 5lbs, 5oz, 46% for weight

11-23-16: 37 weeks
The maternity clothes that I once thought were huge and would never fit have become snug.

Jeff’s nesting.  He’s packed the baby medical stuff – umbilical clamp, intubation gear, oxygen tank, pitocin, sterilized instruments, pads, and suction.


We've had several days where the temperature has reached mid-90s.  and summer isn't officially here yet.  Yikes!
 Pool time
 A little nap in the hammock

Yummy watermelon
 We’ve just added tether-ball and volleyball to our yard.  
This guy wakes up in the morning with major bed head.  Josiah looked in the mirror and said, “I look like a dinosaur!”

We’ve finally convinced a fruit and vegetable delivery man that it would be worth his while to stop at our house to sell his products.  He has numerous things that I cannot find locally like carrots. Lettuce, cucumbers and pumpkin.  He also has a lot of each product and doesn’t bat an eye when I ask for 20 pineapples. 


Sunday evening Bible study continues.


Packed with 15 ladies and a few kids, our white van bumped and bounced down the dirt road one bright and early Saturday morning.  An hour and a half later we arrived in Yuty in time for the woman’s Bible story training.  What a wonderful day it was learning 6 Bible stories, retelling them to the group and discussing their significance.     

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