Friday, December 9, 2016


September 2016

I cannot believe Ryan is in his last year of high school!  This year, for the first time, we are able to have a co-op.  This is something we moms have talked about, dreamed about and prayed about for several years - knowing that one day they will be needing helping in navigating advanced science and math classes.  Sarah, a recent college graduate from the US, has committed one year in Paraguay to teach four high school boys AP Chemistry and Physics. Plus, one of the moms has agreed to teach the boys AP Spanish. What an incredible blessing!  

We are just barely into the routine and it seems each week something must be modified.  Three days out of the week the boys will get together for classes, rotating between 3 houses in 3 different towns.  Did you catch that?  We live in three different town.  So our schedule is affected by driving time, muddy roads,  bus schedules, family travel and events, and trying to keep a healthy balance of our kids being away to do studies and being home for family life.   It’s tricky, but it’s working!  And the boys are having a blast.
 AP Chemistry
Chemistry lab
Chemistry lab

 Physics lab
AP Spanish
Play time


The moms and teachers of these sweet high schoolers

 An added blessing for our family is that Sarah (the teacher) is living in Jataity with our neighbor.  Each morning she is able to help Ginny with math and teach Ginny and Joshua Biology.  

This is what study time sometimes looks like at our house.
Ginny and Joshua are both in 9th grade.
Here are my other students - Micah (4th grade) and Tyler (6th grade)

We've added another scholar this year.  Julia - sweet Julia - is starting school.  She is very excited.

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