Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a testimony Zulma has! I wish you could hear it from her and see the change that Christ has made in her life. Before we had moved to San Francisco, Zulma would visit out team mate’s house begging for food, clothes and money. Jean tried hard to find things to give her, but Zulma’s demanding attitude was, at times, difficult to tolerate. One day Jean decided to visit Zulma at her house. Jean was deeply moved by the poverty of this women and she wrote about it in a newsletter. A supporter felt led to send money to help the family. Right after we moved to San Francisco, the church decided to use the money to build them a better house (there were 6 of them living in a one room shack). She hadn’t ever come to church and we made sure that the gift of a house came with no strings attached. I first got to know Zulma at those work days.

When the job was done, Zulma asked for a bible study at her house. She faced a bit of persecution from her husband. One night she had a dream that Jesus was holding his hands out to her, personally inviting her to Him. She decided then and there to follow Him no matter the cost. And not only was she faithful in having her family prepared for study each week, but she faithfully invited her relatives...and they came. Within a year, they were coming to Sunday church services consistency, accepting Jesus, being baptized and choosing marriage over their previous adulteress relationships. And to think that God used someone who had never been to school so mightily!

Zulma has become one of my closest friends and I so enjoy visiting with her. She has a giggly fun loving personality and is one of the few people I can truly laugh with. She works as a restaurant maid and waitress 12 hours a day and is paid a measly $2.00 (a day). She has 7 kids to care for. Her oldest daughter, 16 years, has never attended school, her oldest son, 13 years, completed through 6th grade only and dropped out. Her husband, Pedro, work just 2 days a week in someone else’s field – 30 minutes away by foot. His wage is small too, but he gets to bring home mandioca (a type of tuber root) for supper.

Pray that Zulma will continue to have that type of Godly influence on other people. Pray also for her husband, he has never come to church. Pray that their children will one day make a profession of faith for Christ.

Zulma (in the green shirt) and some of her relatives

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Wow! You guys are fast! My last post, a couple days ago, was about Rosita and I asked for you to pray that she would come to know Christ. Well, she was at church today...that's a start. Thank you for praying!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Rosita, the wife of the man who murdered our neighbor, was very glad to receive a financial gift a supporter sent. We actually left the details up to the elders of the church, who delegated it to the ladies. They stipulated that they must share something from God’s Word when they delivered the gift. The women visited with some food items and gave her the remaining cash. She was overwhelmed. Her family has been living on manioc root and not much else since her husband ran off in October. We continue to pray that God will bring her into His Kingdom.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I really enjoy celebrating our kids’ birthdays with themed cakes, decorations and games. The kids enjoy choosing their theme and we come up with ideas that fit that theme.  It's fun being creative (and I have to be extra creative at times down here).

Not only are our kids always having birthdays, but their friends are always having birthdays.  Most are poor and when I ask, “Did you do anything special for your birthday?”, they respond, “No.” 
No special food, no friends over, no balloons, no cake. It makes me sad because every now and then you need a party in your honor. 

Something Ginny and I have enjoyed doing recently is baking sweets for those friends.

We made this “ice cream” cake for Gasparina who turned 13.
I recently made these for our team mate’s birthday...The “ice cream” is cake balls.

This was Ginny’s idea for Francisco’s 14th birthday – a Paraguayan soccer shirt (which she made and frosted herself) and a soccer ball (which Ginny made and I frosted).

Sunday, January 9, 2011



We got our first crop of green beans...yum! We also grew cucumbers and pickled them. They were all gone in one setting...compliments to the chef, I guess.

Jeff’s high tech autoclave/pressure cooker to sterilize his instruments....right alongside our breakfast.
What a look – rain coat, bather suit and cowboy boots! Actually, for the last 3 months he hasn’t gone anywhere without his rain boots on....expect tonight when it actually rained...then he only wanted his cowboy boots. Kids!

This is what I see looking out from my kitchen sink. Love it.

Ginny’s harp teacher came yesterday to re-varnish our wooden doors and window sills. It was a good thing Jeff went to check his progress when he did because he had painted the back door red!!! We still can't figure out why.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


December 10, 2010

At lunch today Ginny asked each kid where they wanted to live when they grew up.

Ryan (10 years old) said, “I’d live in Florida, California or Texas. I really like the beach, especially the Gulf of Mexico.” (Living in a land-locked country has given my kids such low standards of beaches!)

Tyler (6 years old) said, “I want to live in that hotel in Brazil that has the putt-putt golf course so I can play all day.”
Ryan said, “You can’t just play golf all day.”
Tyler said, “Well, I’ll start a mission there then too.”

Micah (4 years old) said,” I want to live on the beach on the sand.”
Ryan said, “You can’t have a house on the sand.”
Micah said, “If I build it tall, I can have a house on the sand.”

Ginny (8 years old) said, "I am thinking about living in Hawaii when I grow up, but I'm not 100% sure yet."
Mom said, "Why Hawaii?"
G: "So I can have the time of my life."
Ryan said, "You'll need a good job, things are expensive there."
G: "I'll probably marry someone rich or something."

But for now, this is our home.

Monday, January 3, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

We spent New Years at our team mate’s house eating watermelon, grilling hamburgers, eating hand cranked ice cream with waffle cones that I made, lighting fire crackers, singing Christmas carols and singing happy birthday to Ryan who turned 11 years old. Another missionary family came in too, so the kids were just in heaven playing with all their friends. They all slept in a tent outside, which of course, they thought was the best ever.

Kids being kids...having fun.

Jeff serving us up some wonderful watermelon.

Samuel double fisting watermelon...just can't get enough.

Even Julia got in on the watermelon action.

Julia and mommy

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Can't believe he is 11 years old! They grow up super duper fast. Ryan requested ice cream for his birthday "cake". I made chocolate dipped in sprinkles waffle cone and we had hand cranked vanilla ice cream. It was very delicious!

Watching the fireworks.


10 kids in a tent for the night....equals not much sleep but a lot of fun!

Can't you just see these boys in a rock band someday. Ryan LOVED the guitar that he got for his birthday.