Wednesday, May 31, 2017


All good things must come to an end.  And Sarah was a “good” thing.  Actually, Sawah (as Josiah called her) was a GREAT thing.  Nana (as Claire called her) taught my children not only academically but also how to be adventurous, how to love the Lord, and how to do difficult things with a smile.  For a year, Sarita (as her host mama called her) spent a lot of time crammed in the car with us, crammed at the dinner table with us, and crammed in our house with us.  Basically, she became a McKissick.  We will miss her. 

 On her 24th birthday

Ryan and Joshua and Sarah at an Olympia soccer game


What is Ryan up to now that he has graduated?  
Well, he’s been planning his future!  

He’s been working on his fall course load.
Talking to his adviser via skype

 And he’s been helping teach math to Ginny, Joshua and Julia.

And he’s just been hanging out, enjoying more free time.

May 15, 2017 – Julia lost another top tooth.  She has a huge gap now!
May 14th was Mother’s Day in America.  Here I am with my American born babies.
 May 15th was Mother’s Day in Paraguay.  Here I am with my Paraguayan born babies.

May 16, 2017

Playing Joshua's new birthday game.


May 10, 2017


Currently loving:
Her 2 hour morning nap
Playing with her feet
Sitting in her bumbo
Watching her brothers and sisters
Her swing (even though she is outgrowing it)
Being swaddled before bedtime
Ginny’s violin playing
Grabbing everything in front of her – our food plates, books, cell phone
Sucking on our arm
Having her siblings get right in her face
Putting everything in her mouth
Car rides
Being on her tummy and holding her head up high
Smiling and laughing

Not currently loving:
Sleeping through the night
Being put down

Monday, May 29, 2017


We came into Asuncion for Ryan to take 4 AP tests the first two days of May: Psychology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish.

Then we came back up to the capital for Ryan to take his final AP test may 10th – English Language and Composition.  

After putting his pencil down at noon, he finished high school!  What an accomplishment!  

We celebrated at the Paulista, a Brazilian steakhouse.

We spoke some words over Ryan.
 I cannot believe that I am a mother to a high school graduate!
 Sarah, our math and science teacher for the year, and all her students.
 These 4 homeschooling boys have worked hard this year (and that means that their mother's have worked hard too).