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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


December 4, 2016

Ginny turned 15 December 13th.  Since the fifteenth birthday in South America is a big special occasion, Ginny and her best friend, Romy decided to celebrate together and get all dolled up.  Ginny's been blessed to have had a kindred spirit with fellow missionary kid, Romy, since we arrived in Paraguay 12 years ago.

Seriously, when did everyone grow up?

 This pavilion was transformed by my team mates who strung white lights, hung white material, and lite dozens of candles to create such an elegant atmosphere.
 We started with a few worship songs, followed by a time of sharing.  We had asked people to bring a scripture or word of encouragement for the gals.  After a time of prayer, we ate desserts and watched a slide show of the girls growing up together.  It was a very special evening. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016


 We bought a turkey!  And we fed him well and a couple days before Thanksgiving we killed him. 
 Kids who were playing in our yard gathered around to watch the event.
 Jeff hanging the turkey up to bleed out
 Plucking the turkey

 Josiah wanted his picture with the turkey

Jeff roasting off the remaining stubborn hairs.
 Nearly 10lbs
On Thanksgiving Day almost our entire team gathered to celebrate – there were 40 of us.  It was a beautiful day filled with volleyball, children splashing in kiddie pools, lots of food, worship and fellowship.