Tuesday, January 16, 2018


 Nov 11, 2017
On the way to Asuncion we broke down several times (boy, that sure is a familiar sentence).  It turned out to be the water pump.  Once the engine cooled and the tank (with a hole) filled, we got going again.  However, we had to stop every 15 minutes to fill the tank back up again.  It made for a long two hours!   But we were all very thankful we didn’t have to call a tow truck. 
 Broken down under the Feliz Viaje (Happy Travels) sign!

 Look what was waiting for us at the guest house!  This is a brand new (2018!) vehicle.  This is our brand new vehicle.  Back in March our church contacted us about a sizable monetary gift that was left to missions in a will.  Our church thought of us because our ministry most exemplified what this lady concerned missions.  d

Thursday, January 11, 2018



 This is Rene, Lida and their son Ronaldo.  They are three of just a handful of believers in our town.  Please continue to pray that their faith and understanding of God's word would mature.

 This is our Sunday evening Bible study.  We have been studying about what a church looks like.  Jeff has also been helping the believers prepare their testimonies.
 This is our neighbor.  She is at our house more than she is at her own house.  Julia and Leonella love playing together.

 This is Ceasar.  He is one of a handful of believers in our town.  He has just purchased a motorcycle which he has been saving up to get for over a year.  Pray that this will be a blessing to him and his family.  Ceasar and his wife has a heart for a nearby colonia where several of their relatives live.  He and our missionary colleague have been going to this community several times a month for Bible study and visiting.  This motorcycle will allow Cesar and his family to visit more often (no more depending on when the missionary is in town).  

Jim (the husband of the lady who is teaching my high school kids science and math this year) is a very skilled carpenter.  While visiting Ceasar and his family, Ceasar (who did not know this about Jim) mentioned that they would like to begin a Bible study at their home but they have no seating.  Jim inquired a bit more and within a couple weeks Jim has made not only 4 benches but a table as well.  Ceasar and Mariza were so very thankful.  Pray for their courage in starting a Bible study in their town.  Pray that people will be receptive toward them and hearts will be softened toward the gospel.

Thursday, January 4, 2018



Martha Jones, the lady who came to teach Ginny and Joshua math and science this year, has had to go home unexpectedly for a couple months to help a daughter in pre-term labor.  Jeff graciously stepped in and is now full-time math and science teacher for Ginny and Joshua.  To do this, we had to change things up a bit clinic-wise.  He closed the clinic down (usually he would see patients each morning) and decided to do house calls in the afternoon.  On Friday afternoons he will see patients at his clinic for ultrasounds and procedure.

Jeff the teacher (above) and Jeff the doctor (below)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018



We had the first youth group at our place today.  Ten youth showed up.  We are hoping to continue this every other week.  God is doing something amazing in the lives of the youth in Jataity.  I cannot wait to see what it is.  I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Friday, December 29, 2017


October 1, 2017

Chloe the cat had four kittens.  Ginny was right there to help with the delivery. 

We all loved the kittens, but Zoe LOVED the kittens.  She tried to nurse on Chloe but that didn’t work, so she settled for taking naps right in the middle of the litter.  Chloe didn’t mind that, and, in fact, she’d lick and clean up Zoe as if she were one of her own.  

As the kittens got older and bigger, Zoe loved to wrestle with them.  The kittens loved to play with Zoe’s tail.  It really was the cutest thing ever.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Asuncion is definitely our home away from home.  We find ourselves heading up to the city (5 hour drive) about once a month for various reasons - mission meetings, airport runs, orthodontic work, car maintenance, etc.  This month we had to go to Asuncion for Ginny and Joshua to take their PSAT.
 This is what the road leading out of our town looked like as we left for Asuncion. The bridge was completely underwater.  We had to take turn around and take the back roads.
When we travel, we take Zoe.
Taking Ginny and Joshua out for Japanese to celebrate their taking the PSAT.
Ginny studying with Zoe.

October 10, 2017
Currently Makayla is LOVING her mommy. I’m flattered.  Her face lights up when she sees me which is definitely a heart melter.  However, she lets out a shrill cry any time someone (including Jeff) tries to take her from me.
Currently she is 20lbs.
Currently she is sporting two bottom teeth.  A top tooth is ready to pop through any day now.
She is currently not sporting a bump or a bruise which is nice since she is at that stage where she falls a lot.
She is currently NOT a champion sleeper.  Jeff and I have tried lots of things to get her to sleep in her crib all night long.  Bottom line is this: she is a cuddle-bug and needs physical touch ALL NIGHT LONG.

 Car problems…it took 3 vehicles to help our one vehicle.  we were stuck in Asuncion until our car was out of the shop.
 On the way home from Asuncion our car stalled no less than 5 times.  Jeff had to get out each time, get under the van and jiggle wires.  we stopped at another missionary's house to stay the night.  Jeff and Greg worked on the car and and, praise God, we didn't have any more troubles the follow day driving home. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017


The big THIRTEEN!  Another teenager in the house.  We sure love Tyler.  He is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.  He is sweet, helpful, easy to hang with and loves a good joke.  He is sporty and adventurous and loves to be with his friends and family. 

We were in Asuncion for Tyler’s birthday.  He Tyler requested a TGIFriday lunch and Dad’s asado for dinner.  Tyler picked three types of sausage, pork, beef and chicken and of course, chicken hearts.  One missionary described the meal as “meat feast 2017”.  He requested a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert.