Thursday, March 15, 2018


February 3, 2017, Austin arrived.  He was a T.I.M.E intern 6 year ago and now he’s back as an (almost) full pledged physician! He’ll be with us all of February doing an internship with Jeff.

 Out visiting
 Austin and his host parents
 Who left the gate open?
Bucket baths

 Toothpick bridges for science class.
 Monkey love

2-11-18: Unfortunately, we had to bury our sweet German Shepherd, Lady, of 12 years. 
Shucking corn that was given to us by a patient

 Porch-side service

Some of our dear Paraguayan friends
 Ginny is off to sell her goats (with help from Joshua).
 Makayla is 14 months old.
She is growing up fast.
She is walking all over.
She loves to climb.  Her favorite place is on top on dining table.
She says – Nana, Mama, Dada, Tyler, Josh, Micah, and hi.
She waves hello and goodbye.
Her personality is really blooming.

2-10-18: Karen, a missionary with our organization, brought a group from her church (3 hours away) to our house.  They did an all-day VBS for kids in our town

2-11-18: Paraguayans know how to cook meat.  And they know how to feed a crowd too.  This is an after-church lunch.

This is a birthday party we went to.  Skewers of meat being cooked over the coals.

 2-11-18: Bible study at our house.

2-16-18: We finished English class with a fun certificate party. Each student gave a brief bio of themselves (in English).  

2-17-18: Ginny and I took Sarah (who was with us 7 weeks to teach the English classes) up to Asuncion to fly back to Texas.

2-27-18: Lots of changes going on around here.  Jeff saw his last patients.  The clinic is now closed and his “Consultas” sign has been taken down.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


February 8, 2018

Chloe had 6 kittens – 3 black and 3 black and white. To say that Zoe the monkey loves the kittens would be an understatement. She holds them, cuddles them, plays with them, sleeps with them and carries them around the house.  It’s quite cute.

Monday, March 12, 2018


January 5th

Sarah came to visit us 1 ½ years ago and now she’s back! She’s a high school student from San Antonio.  We don’t know her parents very well but, I guess, well enough that they trust their daughter to our care.   Sarah has come down with the desire to teach English classes during the Paraguayan summer school break.  She will be with us 7 weeks.

 English class was a lot of fun.  Sarah and Grace (a peace corps worker) lead the classes.  Ginny, Don. Martha and I helped in small groups.  We had quite a few people come to class that first week, so we split into a morning and afternoon class.  We had about 30 students in those classes. 

 Even though is the Paraguay school's summer break, it isn't ours.
 Isn't this trash can fun?
 We had duckies hatch!
She;s finally pulling her weight around here.

 The days can be classified as hot, hotter and hottest.  Between our normal ministry things and daily living, we try to spend as much time outside under the fan sipping terere.  It’s amazing how much the constant heat (from early morning to late at night, inside and outside the house) zaps your energy.

Partners in crime

 My diapered babies

Ginny was given a pig.

 Got milk?

 Zoe just hanging around

Jeff showing our team mate how to cut a pork leg.  it's just one of Jeff's many many talents.

 My friend, Nilsa
 Ginny and her friend, Na Ignacia.  Na ignacia has a plethora of animals at her house.  It's always fun to visit.
January 16 – Six youth from Jataity went to SIM’s annual summer camp (plus four from our house). They had a wonderful time.