Tuesday, March 31, 2015


January 20: we reached the half way mark of being in the states.  When we asked the kids if they were read to go back home they all said, “Yes”.

January 24: Jeff began working at Doctor’s Express.....and promptly brought the flu home to us.  It was 2 weeks of coughing, lethargy, sore throats, fevers, and runny noses.  Claire was the only one who (thank God) escaped.

February 12-14: I went to my very first homeschool conference (Claire came with me).  It was in Ft. Worth.  I went with my neighbor and met team mate, Karen, there.  It was a great three days.  There were tons of exhibitors and lots of lectures throughout the day.

 Ginny's artwork for the month:
A beautiful watercolor sea horse
And a very expressive golden retriever 

February 25: We woke up to snow flurries.

Friday, March 27, 2015


February 1, 2015
 It was definitely time to cut Josiah's hair.

 He did great until the clippers made an appearance.

 So handsome!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

more of CLAIRE

January 12th
2nd outing
To the doctor’s office for a check-up, heel stick, and shots….ouch!

6lbs, 13 oz
The unsuspecting patient

poor baby
 bath time isn't quite as traumatic as before

She enjoys looking at the toys above her head....and her brothers at her side

January 29
9lbs, 6oz (3 lbs more than at birth), 55% on the growth chart
21 1/2in (2 1/2in more than at birth), 42% on the growth chart

Meeting Uncle Steve and Aunt Margret for the first time.

 NB size diapers are getting tight, she’ll be in size 1 soon
Her NB clothes are also getting snug, she’s filling out the size 0-3 months clothes
Just got a couple rolls on her thighs
Chubby cheeks
Wakes up every 2-3 hours during the day and night to nurse, thankfully most of the time during the night she goes back to sleep
The only schedule she seems to be on (and we try to get her on) is to be up between 7-8pm and then 10-11pm.  Then she can hopefully sleep when we sleep.  She usually starts squirming around about 8am and is ready to eat and be up for a while.
Like to be swaddled
Likes her pacifier
Likes bath time
She’s smiling! 
Big, beautiful brown eyes which are very observant
Long, “curly” toes and long fingers 


January 24-25

We went to Abilene to help celebrate my dad and Liz’s 20th wedding anniversary.
 The family: Dad, Liz, my brother Jedidiah and his fiancee and all of us
 the 10 of us!
 The guys
the girls