Tuesday, March 31, 2015


January 20: we reached the half way mark of being in the states.  When we asked the kids if they were read to go back home they all said, “Yes”.

January 24: Jeff began working at Doctor’s Express.....and promptly brought the flu home to us.  It was 2 weeks of coughing, lethargy, sore throats, fevers, and runny noses.  Claire was the only one who (thank God) escaped.

February 12-14: I went to my very first homeschool conference (Claire came with me).  It was in Ft. Worth.  I went with my neighbor and met team mate, Karen, there.  It was a great three days.  There were tons of exhibitors and lots of lectures throughout the day.

 Ginny's artwork for the month:
A beautiful watercolor sea horse
And a very expressive golden retriever 

February 25: We woke up to snow flurries.

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