Friday, February 12, 2016


What?  16 years old already?  Where has the time gone?
The cool thing about Ryan is that he's....a cool teenager.
Seriously.  He is fun to hang out with and interesting to talk with.  
I love him and the young man who he is becoming.
Ryan, Jeff and Uncle Steve spent the morning playing disk golf. 

For lunch Ryan went out with Oma and Opa to Whataburger.
We spent the evening at friend’s house celebrating Ryan and ringing in the New Year.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


 Claire crawling on hands and knees
Tooth 5 and 6 are poking through
Gives kisses
Loves to communicate
When she babbles she has inflections as if she’s really trying to communicate.
Pulls up to a standing position
Says “bye” and waves

Sunday, February 7, 2016


 We celebrated with family
 Claire's first Christmas

 As tradition we watched The Grinch.  Ginny was inspired to do a “Julia Lou Hoo” style.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


December 13th
Ginny turned 14 today.
What a blessing she is to us!

God has used her this year to bless several families through babysitting.  The moms all love Ginny to watch their kids because their kids love their time with Ginny and Ginny cleans too.  She has helped a friend of ours tremendously during November and December as they’ve been preparing to take their family of 8 to the mission field.  She’s cleaned, sorted, organized, and labels many many many boxes. 

Claire at 11 months

Claire army crawls
Started rocking on her hands and knees
Can go from laying down to sitting up
Loves meat, chicken and rice
She’s not too sure about applesauce which is a bummer because I made a bunch in the crock pot!
11-26-15: Claire top tooth popped in
11-29: pulling up to things
Finally sleeping through the night

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


We are thankful for so many things this season.  We are always astonished at God's provision for us.

We are especially thankful this week to be headed back to Paraguay soon.  We just bought tickets for January 6th!

I am also very thankful that my baby of almost almost 11 months has decided to sleep better at night and only wake up once.

We are also thankful that God has allowed us to spend this thanksgiving meal with both sides of our family.  My family stayed with us a few days before thanksgiving day and Jeff's family joined us the day of.

Girls in the kitchen cooking 6 pies among other things for dinner.