Wednesday, July 25, 2012


July 12-16

We had an incredible week with our SIM family which included people from Korea, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, US, South Africa, England, Scotland, Switzerland and Venezuela.  We heard teachings on Godly leadership, played all sorts of games from icebreaker types to rugby, worshiped together, ate s’mores around a bon fire, and enjoyed fellowship together.

This is our group.
Our family leading worshiped together: Ryan on guitar, Ginny played her harp to a could songs, Jeff on piano, Tyler with the egg shaker and Joshua on the power point.  

 Joshua at the talent show demonstrating how to make fake snot.
And Ginny reciting a poem.

As I have mention before, one thing that makes missionary life tough is the constant good-byes.   At retreat we said good-bye to two families who are leaving for the US and will be gone a year.  One of those families will be dropping their first-born off at college and returning to Paraguay without him.  We also said good-bye to a single gla who is going to the US to help her parents.  She isn't sure when or if the Lord will have her return to Paraguay.

the silly games winning team

 Ryan and his friends  did a wonderful job leading worship for us one morning.

Denny, a college bound missionary "kid".  Our boys very much look up to Denny as a Godly role modle for a young man.  We will miss having him around to play and challenge our boys.
Here is my son at the camp fire eating a grub worm that he found in a tree hollow and cooked by the fire.  I'll never understand boys!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


While the rest of the world is celebrating summer break, swimming in pools and enjoying the great outdoors, we are at the start of winter.  We have been wearing multiple layers, drinking lots of hot mate, and keeping our windows and doors shut. 

I finished this hat for Julia just in time for the cooler months.  This is the 2nd knitting project I’ve completed (the first was a scarf).  A huge thanks to one of our missionary’s mothers who came to await the birth of a grandbaby.  Our time in Asuncion overlapped and she patiently showed me how to make this hat.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ginny, your rabbit is loose again.

Is someone else in the bathroom now?  Hurry up.  I need to change your baby sister’s diaper.

Get the dog out of the house, I have food on the counter.  And don’t let her sleep on my new comforter!

Who didn’t flush the toilet?

Who spilled the milk?

Is your homeschool done?

Have you studied for your test?

Why is the rabbit still lose?

I’m still waiting to change your sister.  Whoever is in the bathroom now?  Hurry.

Julia, where did you get that and why would you put it in your mouth?

Can someone find my phone?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


the beginning of June   

Ryan can back full of stories from the (sometimes) annual MK adventure campout.  He and several of his friends spent two days hiking and camping, laughing, playing games, and learning from God’s word.  I am thankful for our team mates who took the boys on this adventure.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Julia is always dirty...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Praise God for a great intern group during June.  Continue to pray for them as they process what they learned here in Paraguay and apply it.

July 12-16 begins our annual SIM retreat.  Pray for traveling mercies and a refreshing time.

July 17-19 is youth camp.  Pray that many from San Francisco will attend and their lives will be touched.  This will be Ryan’s first time to attend as he is finally old enough.    

July 18-21 we will be hosting the SIM church planter champions.  Pray that we will be good listeners.

July 26-28 is the 3rd Timothy Training.  Pray for the men who will attend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


June 30. 

I am so proud of my children for finishing the homeschooling year.  It took a lot of late nights and all day Saturday school and squeezing it in here and there (since we were super busy with 6 TIME interns), but we set a goal and everyone worked hard to reach it.   

What do we have planned for our month long July vacation?  We’ll travel to the Argentina waterfalls with the interns.  We’ll spend a few days in Asuncion.  We’ll have our annual 5 day SIM Spiritual Life Conference.   Ryan will go to camp.  We will host guest from SIM USA. The kids will play outside a lot (when the weather is nice) and we’ll drink lots of hot chocolate (when the weather is cold). 

I’ll finish compiling grades and papers from the year and stash everything away to be used again in a few years with Tyler and Micah.  I’ll begin work on next year’s lesson plans, make photo copies, and organize binders and books.  Most of all, I’ll be praying for the coming school year - for my children’s hearts and minds and for my attitude and skill.  Homeschooling is no easy task and if I ever entertain the idea that I can do it in my own strength I would be a fool.  It is only by his grace that we can walk down this homeschooling path...a path that I have grown to love.


July 5-6

Thursday we checked out of our Argentina hotel, took the ferry across the boarder and entered back into Paraguay.

On the way back to Asuncion we stopped in Caacupe (a big Catholic church) and in Luque (to shop for silver jewlry).

At 8 we headed out for dinner at our friend's house.  They have a harp school and are very sweet to cook great meat and other traditional Paraguay food and to serenade us with traditional harp music. We also watched (and some participated in) Paraguayan dances.

There was a bit of a debackle with the students' tickets and they ended up leaving earlier on Friday than originally planned.  We had to get up early, pile the suitcases on top on the car (one last time) and head downtown to souvenir shop. 

We were at the airport to drop off 4 of the students by 9:30.

The other 2 students left at 5, so we made another airport run mid-afternoon.

It is always sad to see teams leave.  There were tears from them, us and our kids.  We grow very close to them and have loved having them around.  

Monday, July 9, 2012


July 4th 2012

Today we had a great relaxing day.  We went to the tres froneras (3 boarders), swam, played games and did a little debriefing about their experience in Paraguay.