Saturday, July 7, 2012


July 1- 3
            Monday we were on the road by 6.  We made it to McDonalds in Ciudad del Este in time for lunch with our missionary friends.  Midafternoon we crossed the border into Argentina and found our hotel.  The pool looked very inviting but it was freezing...only a few ventured in.

This is what a long car ride with us looks like.

on the ferry headed over to Argentina

Tuesday we went to Iguazu falls and enjoyed some of God’s amazing handiworks.  The weather was beautiful and the water level was up.

on the train heading to the waterfalls

devil's throat

 Julia had the best view of teh day...and the best ride

I love tis little guy
 chasing butterflies

 Can you spot us girls?

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Unknown said...

Tyler looks so different with his new hair cut!! And Julia looks so different with all that hair!
Love Ginny & her umbrella! ALWAYS love the pics of the Falls!
Love y'all!
Oma & Opa