Tuesday, July 10, 2012


June 30. 

I am so proud of my children for finishing the homeschooling year.  It took a lot of late nights and all day Saturday school and squeezing it in here and there (since we were super busy with 6 TIME interns), but we set a goal and everyone worked hard to reach it.   

What do we have planned for our month long July vacation?  We’ll travel to the Argentina waterfalls with the interns.  We’ll spend a few days in Asuncion.  We’ll have our annual 5 day SIM Spiritual Life Conference.   Ryan will go to camp.  We will host guest from SIM USA. The kids will play outside a lot (when the weather is nice) and we’ll drink lots of hot chocolate (when the weather is cold). 

I’ll finish compiling grades and papers from the year and stash everything away to be used again in a few years with Tyler and Micah.  I’ll begin work on next year’s lesson plans, make photo copies, and organize binders and books.  Most of all, I’ll be praying for the coming school year - for my children’s hearts and minds and for my attitude and skill.  Homeschooling is no easy task and if I ever entertain the idea that I can do it in my own strength I would be a fool.  It is only by his grace that we can walk down this homeschooling path...a path that I have grown to love.

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From my full heart... said...

Amen, sister. Congratulations on another year finished!