Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July 5-6

Thursday we checked out of our Argentina hotel, took the ferry across the boarder and entered back into Paraguay.

On the way back to Asuncion we stopped in Caacupe (a big Catholic church) and in Luque (to shop for silver jewlry).

At 8 we headed out for dinner at our friend's house.  They have a harp school and are very sweet to cook great meat and other traditional Paraguay food and to serenade us with traditional harp music. We also watched (and some participated in) Paraguayan dances.

There was a bit of a debackle with the students' tickets and they ended up leaving earlier on Friday than originally planned.  We had to get up early, pile the suitcases on top on the car (one last time) and head downtown to souvenir shop. 

We were at the airport to drop off 4 of the students by 9:30.

The other 2 students left at 5, so we made another airport run mid-afternoon.

It is always sad to see teams leave.  There were tears from them, us and our kids.  We grow very close to them and have loved having them around.  

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