Wednesday, July 25, 2012


July 12-16

We had an incredible week with our SIM family which included people from Korea, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, US, South Africa, England, Scotland, Switzerland and Venezuela.  We heard teachings on Godly leadership, played all sorts of games from icebreaker types to rugby, worshiped together, ate s’mores around a bon fire, and enjoyed fellowship together.

This is our group.
Our family leading worshiped together: Ryan on guitar, Ginny played her harp to a could songs, Jeff on piano, Tyler with the egg shaker and Joshua on the power point.  

 Joshua at the talent show demonstrating how to make fake snot.
And Ginny reciting a poem.

As I have mention before, one thing that makes missionary life tough is the constant good-byes.   At retreat we said good-bye to two families who are leaving for the US and will be gone a year.  One of those families will be dropping their first-born off at college and returning to Paraguay without him.  We also said good-bye to a single gla who is going to the US to help her parents.  She isn't sure when or if the Lord will have her return to Paraguay.

the silly games winning team

 Ryan and his friends  did a wonderful job leading worship for us one morning.

Denny, a college bound missionary "kid".  Our boys very much look up to Denny as a Godly role modle for a young man.  We will miss having him around to play and challenge our boys.
Here is my son at the camp fire eating a grub worm that he found in a tree hollow and cooked by the fire.  I'll never understand boys!

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