Friday, August 3, 2012


Micah: How many cookies can I have?
Mom: One.
Micah: How many “ones” can I have?

Mom: Tyler, how did you tooth fall out?
Tyler: Someone accidentally tied a string around it and pulled it out.
7-16. Ryan was thrilled to finally be old enough to attend SIM’s camp.  He had a great time and enjoyed the games the most (no surprises there).
7-17. SIM’s church planting champions came and stayed a couple days with us.  It was wonderful to show them the work in Paraguay.  They were great listeners and very encouraging.
7.20. A friend of mine came to visit today and said that she wants to be baptized.  Praise God!  The elders of the church will visit with her and ask her to go through a baptism class.  She has been involved in youth activities and the church.  She has attended my English classes and her family has hosted 5 interns.  Starting this week, I am going to teach her English three days a week at my house.
7.23. Today I baked brownies to bring to 3 different neighbors.  It was a peace offering really.  Jeff and I needed to apologize.  Our dog was seen chasing 3 pigs.  She bit 2 pretty badly and killed one.  Luckily the neighbors were very nice about the ordeal and we only ended up paying 50mil to replace the dead pig.
7-24. As Jeff walked into the bedroom this morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cup of water in the other, who should he spy?  He saw Ginny’s hamster who has been missing for TWO months!  As Jeff was frantically looking for a place to set his drinks down, the hamster scurried away behind our closet.    
7-25. I am so thankful my friend, Acela called me up today to go with her to her field.  She is so gracious and I came back with a huge sack of mandioca, oranges, lettuce, spinach and herbs.
7-25. Our team mates are leaving this week for a year of furlough in the US.  We are so very grateful that they stopped in for one last overnight at our house before heading up to the city.   They will be missed.
7.26. Jeff travels today lead his 3rd Timothy Training workshop.  He is expecting 14.  Pray for the men who will be memorizing Bible stories in order to share them with others.  
7.28. I am so thankful for my kids’ imagination.  They played outside all day today (from after breakfast till after dinner, we even had a picnic outside because they didn’t want to come in!).  They were alligator hunters, architects, race car drivers, sailors, store owners, adventure seekers, chefs, and lots of other things.
7.28. Jeff came back with good reports of the Timothy Training Workshop.  Even more attended than were expected, praise God.  There were some encouraging testimonies of how these men are using these stories to reach family and neighbors.  The Word of God is reaching rural Paraguay and we couldn’t be more excited!
7.29. The book Mr. Popper’s Penguins is he only book I’ve read four times.  The kids still love it.
Tyler with his chicken, Smoothie.
Julia and her friend, Bianca
Micah helping to clean the car windows.
Ginny bathing Comet
Julia "helping"

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