Tuesday, August 7, 2012


                        It’s interesting how God directs our lives.  Along the way, there are surprises and blessings, lessons to be learned and a relationship with Him to be deepened.  We have felt God’s leading many times in our lives and no chapter, it seems, begins nor ends the same way.  
This time, God has spoken very clearly – we are to move to Jataity.
From the moment we began praying for this little town (we were actually praying that our team mates would move there), God gave us many divine appointments, powerful contacts, and an incredible peace.  The signs were impossible to ignore (our team mates decided to move to a different town).
                        On home assignment we prayed that God would show us how to more effectively use the mobile clinic and that he would show us when the right time was to leave San Francisco.  In September, we began weekly mobile clinics and visits in Jataity (a couple men from the church have come to share their testimony).  In January, a family asked us to begin a Bible study at their home (a study we do Sunday afternoon).  
                        The church here in San Francisco is growing in numbers and maturity.  The members are reaching out to neighbors and carrying on with Bible studies and meetings without us.  When Jeff told the elders and deacons about moving to Jataity their response was, “If God is leading you there then how can we stop you?  We would like to be a part of the work there as well.”  And guess what?  We have had a believer from San Francisco join us on 4 out of 5 Bible studies in Jataity.  They are excited about helping us reach this community.
                         Jataity is only a 15 minute drive away from where we live now.  Although it is close by North American standards, we might as well be moving across the state by Paraguayan standards.  Rural Paraguayans don’t travel much.  For one, only a handful own cars, and buses cost money they don’t have.  Second, they are tied to their land and finding time to stop being busy and travel is tough.  Third, Jataity is a smaller town so folks from here would have no business there.  For nearly a year, we have lived here and gone there.  Could we keep that up?  Probably.  However, although we love San Francisco, we find that our hearts longe to minister daily to people of Jataity.  A SIM church advocate recently said, 80% of our witness is just showing up.  We want to “show up” in Jataity.  We want to share our daily lives with them.  We want to be available to start more Bible studies and give people a way to visit with us about spiritual things. 

Bible study.
 This is the town of Jataity.

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