Friday, August 10, 2012


To say that property options in Jataity is lacking, is a HUGE understatement.  A friend showed us 2 options.  We should have been more specific – we were looking for a house, not a shack.  We knew moving to a town this size that we couldn’t be picky about housing, but seriously, these places lacked A LOT – walls, plumbing, electricity, roofs, a floor, a yard, windows, etc.  Jeff turned to me and jokingly asked, “Do you think they’re trying to run us out of town by showing us these?”  The thought had crossed my mind too.   Luckily we were in no rush to move, and could wait for something “approaching satisfactory”.
A week later, as I was visiting a friend, she mentioned that she was stretched so thin keeping up with her house (where she sleeps), her mom’s house (where she lives during the day to take care of the animals and her mother) and her new restaurant.  When I told her that we wanted to move to town, her eyes lit up.  She asked if we would be interested in renting her home.  As we drove to it, Jeff and I immediately felt peace. 

This is it.  We will live in house on the left and will put our washing machine and second freezer in the shed to the right.
Confirmation #1: It is WAY better than the other two houses we had seen.  I mean this place actually has a bathroom!  The view is gorgeous and the grass yard is big enough for volleyball and soccer.  We will make some improvements, like adding windows to one side of the house where there is just lattice now, patching up the big holes in wall and roof, and adding light fixtures and outlets.

If you walk down the path between the two building (look at the top picture), you come to this:
The green closed door on the left goes to Jeff and my bedroom.  The open door leads to the living room and kitchen.  If you look through the open door and to the right, you see this:  
We are planning to put windows in place of the lattice.

If you look to the left from that same open front door, you see this:
The door to the kid's bedroom is visible.
I couldn't get pictures of the bedrooms because they are too small!

If you look straight ahead through the open front door, you see this:
A bathroom.  Remember, to therightwas the wall with the lattice work and to the left is the door to the kids' bedroom.

This is the back of the house. 

 Confirmation #2: I am excited to live in a THREE ROOMED (that is three rooms, not three BEDrooms) wooden house with holes in the slates and a crude (but indoor) bathroom.  Normally a house like this would not thrill me, so I know it is God giving me a peace beyond understanding. 

Confirmation #3: Our kids love this house and cannot wait to move into it.  It’s tough to move and we never want to take a kid kicking and screaming.  So before breaking the news about moving to the kids, I prayed that they would be excited.  And sure enough – they cannot wait to go.  Wow!  I think it has something to do with the fact that we have been praying for months about the community and a possible move.  Their hearts were already prepared.  Even Ryan is excited about going and he is the one who has friends here and his own room here.  He will be back to sleeping with his 5 siblings.  Plus, they love the house and the huge yard to explore.  We hear that there is a little creek close by as well.  Our kids are hoping that the cart comes with the house!

Confirmation #4: We have great neighbors.  We get to bless a friend by renting from them (they will be one set of neighbors).  Our friend mentioned that her 18 year old could housesit for us when we go out of town, feeding our animals and staying the night for added security which is a huge help.  Also, we are right next door to the house where we currently have Bible study.

Confirmation #5: Empanadas.  When people visit and then ask, “How do you survive in San Francisco?”  I jokingly say, “Celia”.  Sometimes it is not joke at all.  Celia makes empanadas and sells them at her house.  Celia makes empanadas (and at my request) delivers them to my house.  Remember, we don’t have restaurants here where you can take your family for an evening out.  We don’t have fast food or ready-made, microwavable meals.  It takes time to cook EVERYthing from scratch, EVERY meal, EVERY day.  I love cooking, but not that much.  So on days it has been one of “those homeschooling days”, when we have unexpected guests, or come home late from travels, or on Sundays when we try to cut down on our work (cooking and dishes).....I call Celia.  She keeps me sane.  Well, our future landlord is just opening an empanada stand.  We assured her that we will be regular customers.  What a reminder that God cares about the little things. 

This is what I mean when I say we start from scratch.
Empanadas (left) and milenesa (right)....yum!

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Ken Hagerman said...

We have been praying for you guys. I am so excited that not only you found a house but more for the excitement your family feels in moving. We have been in our new locale for 5 weeks now. It is not as rustic as yours but a change none the less. We will continue to lift you guys up as you make the transition.