Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 de Mayo Mobile Clinic

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was a hot afternoon when Jose arrived at our house to introduce himself. Jose is a pastor in 3 de Mayo (35km from San Francisco) and invited us to his town for a mobile clinic. Jeff brought up the idea at the Sunday leaders meeting and all were in favor of going.

A week and a half later we were heading to 3 de Mayo - Jeff in the mobile clinic carrying two believers and all his equipment and me in the Suburban carrying the kids, Tony (our team mate), Alyssa (a team mate from Villarrica), 3 believers and our lunch.
When we arrived at the health post there were already quite a few patients waiting. The all listened intently as Jeff opened with prayer and began sharing from the Word. In all Jeff saw 35 patients, Alyssa consulted with about 15 people for eye glasses and Gustavo and I stuck about 15 people for lab work. This time the believers didn’t formally stand up and take turns giving their testimony, instead they positioned themselves among those waiting and struck up Spiritual conversations. There were also 4 male believers from 3 de Mayo present who were sharing with the crowd. It was also a great opportunity for our believers to rub elbows with believers in other towns. The all seemed very encouraged by their various conversations.

Jeff sharing the gospel the patients waiting to see him for their physical needs

SIM team mate, Alyssa, fitting people for glasses

Guatavo, a nursing student, drawing blood

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Abbie said...

It all sounds so organized and successful! You're so good at this stuff, Wask.