Friday, August 12, 2011


August 5, 2011 - We had a “We love Julia” birthday for Julia. We got out our valentine decorations – heart plates, heart patterned table cloth, and heart ornaments. I found heart balloons which we strung up outside. I made a heart shaped, pink frosted cake. Two missionary families (the Floyds and Reiches) came over. It was simple and sweet.

August 7, 2011 – We continued the celebration Sunday when (as usual) a bunch of kids from church came over to play. We ate pink frosted and heart sprinkled cupcakes. Yum!

Can’t believe Julia is already ONE!
Two bottom teeth and 4 trying to come in on top (poor thing)
Cruising all around, not standing on her own or close to walking
Wearing 12 month clothes
Size 3 shoes
Diaper size medium
Eats most anything put before her
Takes two 2 hour naps a day
Sleeping better at night (now that she is sleeping with Ginny)
Nursing 3 times a day
Waves good-bye
Nicknames: Ju-Jus, Ju-Ju Beans, Beans, Beanies, and Babe (that's what Micah calls cute)
Loves her cell phone toy and holds everything up to her ear as if it is phone
Says mama, dada and a few other “words” that could have several different meanings
Love the health care in our town… nurses came to my door today to give Julia her 1 year shots

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