Wednesday, September 4, 2013

COLD again. CABIN FEVER again.

As I woke up this morning and my whole body cried out: I CAN’T DO THIS ANY MORE!


It had been cold for 7 days.  The 9 of us had been sequestered in the boys’ room – the one room of our house that has brick walls - for a week.  I don’t mind the cold weather, I just don’t like being cold.  Here with the damp cold and a poorly built house, I am cold all the time.....even with several layers on, a scarf, gloves, and a hot water bottle as a constant companion (so constant that Ginny named it Gramy).  Since the rest of the house seriously feels like a meat locker we have been homeschooling, playing, watching movies, eating our meals and sleeping in that one room.


Sleeping in one room means the kids go to bed late since Jeff and I are not ready to go to bed at 8:30 (normal bedtime).  In the morning then, of course, no one wants to get up.  We move like molasses, struggling throughout the day to get assignments done in a reasonable time.


Sleeping in one room is a bit like camping.  I like camping, but l don’t sleep the best with kids coughing and sleep talking and a baby who still wakes up a couple times a night to nurse.


The noise level of 9 in a room all day long can drive one crazy.  The baby wasn’t sleeping during the day, the kids were getting restless, and I was getting grouchy.  Cabin fever had set in.


So when my body cried out I CAN’T DO THIS ANY MORE I called our nearest teammate and asked if she was interested in helping to save my sanity.  Being a great team mate, she let us all come over that afternoon.  And God let the sun to peek out for a couple hours while we were together.  The kids played and ran outside while the adults positioned themselves for maximum sun intake.  I got just enough fellowship and sun to last me through a couple more days of cold.


I love God.

I love our team mates.

I love sunlight.

watching a movie

Julia with "Gramy"

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