Wednesday, April 30, 2014


For the full month of April Dr. David Thomas, his wife and 2 children spent time with us in Paraguay.  David is currently a second year resident at the same residency where Jeff attended, which is how he learned of the opportunity to shadow Jeff and learn about rural church planting/medical work.  

We had a wonderful month together. 

The guys saw some great clinical cases and we all had some great discussions regarding culture and mission. 

They came along on visits and Bible studies and church. 

We fun times singing together and some fierce games of chess and Settlers. 

The loved Paraguay food and threw themselves into learning Spanish.

And I don’t think they cringe anymore at the layers of dirt caked on their kids.
 Hammock hang out
We were so thankful for the rain and the break in the hot temperatures.  The kids had a blast playing in the rain in the pool.
 We found kindred gaming spirits in our interns

We found kindred gaming spirits in our interns

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