Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Keeping in Paraguay tradition, we do still sit outside every now and then and share terere.  

 best of both worlds – terere in one hand and Dr Pepper in the other

We have started our Monday Donut Day tradition back up from last home assignment. 

The absolute best part of being back in the U.S is spending time with family.  With Jeff’s parents just a block away we have managed to see them nearly every day – sometimes for a meal and sometimes just for a few minutes as they (or we) drop things off.  My family has just retired from 19 years of overseas missions and have moved to Abilene, Texas, about 3 hours from us.  How great it has been to see and reconnect with them and to know that we’ll be more of them during this year that we are on the same continent.
 Celebrating Uncle Steve and Zuleka’s birthday

A day outdoors with Oma and Opa

Sports and pizza at the park with Uncle Steve and Aunt Margret

 First time for Josiah to be in a swing like this.  He loved it.

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