Thursday, September 25, 2014


August 22-25, 2014

We spent 4 days in Harlingen, South Texas.  That’s where we lived for 4 years while Jeff was in residency.  We had a wonderfully full schedule and saw lots friends. 

These were our hosts: Jeff’s past residency director.  I think our kids spent more time in the pool than in their house.
This is my crew plus one of my best South Texas friend’s crew.  Kristi and I did everything together, always carting the kids around and always adding to our numbers.  She has 8 kids.

For us no trip to South Texas in the summer is complete without a beach trip.  We met several new resident family and hung out went with some we already knew.  We even got to drink terere with a family in the residency who had done a month long internship with us in April.

 Dinner with sweet friends from our long ago church home group.

Hanging with some good friends.
 It was fun seeing this family again.  Three years ago they did a month long internship with us in Paraguay.

 We love the realtor who sold us our first house 15 years ago and then resold that house 4 years later when we moved to Paraguay.
 Look how fast we got to travel!
Some of our dear friends were moving from the valley to Colorado and stayed the night at our house on the way.  We have a tradition of playing Boggle while together.  Jeff has a tradition of always winning Boggle while we all are together.

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