Wednesday, December 10, 2014


November 16-19, 2014

Our traveling continues as we try to do as much as we can before baby #8 arrives.

Sunday we had lunch with the Rickerhausers in Fredericksburg.  Dr. Nancy was an attending when Jeff was in residency.

Sunday dinner was with our host and Jeff’s 2nd cousin Jim and Debbie McKissick in Boerne.

Monday we ate dinner in Kerrville with friends from Lubbock – the Fox family.

Tuesday we had lunch in Boerne with one of my MOPS mentors from Harlingen and her husband.  They were at our first RDM meetings 11+ years ago.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture.

Then we went to San Antonio to visit with another MOPS mentor from Harlingen and her husband.  They were the hosts of that very first RDM meeting.  
 We ate dinner in Boerne with friends from college - The Hendersons.

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