Monday, December 14, 2015


July 30-August

After 10 hours of driving, we arrived at 5PM, found the RV park and set up.  

The following day we went fishing at the park.  No fish we caught, but we had fun anyway.

That evening was the rehearsal dinner for my brother.

 A bit of family time before the wedding began on Saturday.
 All dressed up

The wedding was beautiful.  Jeff performed the ceremony.

Sunday we went to Chrystal Bridges Art Museum.  Ginny and Tyler especially liked it. 
 Julia and Josiah especially liked the giant spider (Josiah has had a love/hate relationship with spiders for a while now). 

We just finished reading Pinocchio on the trip to Arkansas so this was fun to see.

We drove to Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Monday (8-3-15) – ever read the book Holes about the kid that was send to a correctinal facility in the desert where all day long that had to dig holes to further the evil head master’s plot to find burried treasure?  Well that was us.  Dig, dig, dig. It was hot.  Dig, dig, dig.  There was no shade. Dig, dig, dig.  Jeff wanted us to find the mother of all diamonds in order to buy out Ted’s half of the RV.  Dig, dig, dig.  It was fun though.  Julia and josiah loved all the dirt.   Dig, dig, dig.  Micah and tyler were an awesome diggers. Dig, dig, dig.  Ryan, Ginny and joshua were committed to digging, sifting, and combing….  

Sadly, we found nothing.  We had a few heart-racing moments but our “diamond” turned out to be a tortilla shell or a glass coke bottle top or a piece of plastic.

Fun memories!

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