Friday, March 18, 2016


January 6, 2016 at 4:30 our alarm went off.  We were sleepy-eyed but adrenaline pushed us out the door and on the road by 5AM.  Grandma and Steve helped drive the extra vehicle with a loaded UHaul us to Dallas.

What does it look like for a family of 10 to travel overseas?
21 Rubbermaid tubs all weighing right at 50lbs
A rented UHaul trailer to get all those Rubbermaid tubs to the airport
9 carry-on backpacks
2 computer bags
2 violin cases
1 baby backpack carrier

Flight #1 – 10:30am – Dallas to JFK

It was a long 4 hour layover in the JFK airport.  I don’t know how many time we took turns riding the moving sidewalk with Josiah.  He loved it.

Flight #2 – 7:30 – NY to Sao Palo

This was the long flight.  9 hours in all.
Kids loved the movie options.  Tyler and Ryan sat together and watched movies the entire time – 5 movies in all.  They didn’t sleep a wink.

Speaking of no sleep- Claire.  She was a pill on the flight!  She slept a fitful (tossing and coughing) two hours and that was all.  She would not sleep anymore.  The other 7 hours she was chatty Kathy.  I am glad she was happy but Jeff and I were exhausted trying to keep her entertained.  
We had a 4 hour layover in Sao Palo.  We were a bedraggled group.  

January 7, 2016
Flight #3 – Sao Palo to Asuncion – Arrival 1:30p
30 hours after beginning our trip, we landed in Asuncion. Julia exclaimed, “We’re finally home!”               
PTL all our luggage arrived.

PTL Claire received her Paraguayan visa without a hiccup.

We were greeted at the airport by 4 team mate families with welcome banners, claps, shouts and live Paraguayan guitar/harp music.

Back at the Guest House the terere was flowing as all our team mates arrived.

 Juicy mangos were dropping from the trees, teens immediately engaged in games of soccer and basketball, others were on ripsticks, kids were splashing in the kiddie pool, and yummy asado was cooking on the grill.  We feel so blessed!

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