Thursday, October 6, 2016


July 13, 2016
18 weeks.
Have baby bump.
Love seeing the baby on our weekly ultrasounds.
It’s a girl.

And we may have a name already….
1 ½ years
Claire is such a talker/communicator.
She says “mama” about 1,00 times a day…sometimes it’s because she truly wants me but other times she just walks through the house chanting my name sing-song like.
She hums and sings when we travel down our bumpy dirt roads.
Favorite new words: wady (water) and Ju (juice), no my my (no night night), what?, Bubba (our neighbor girl, cuppy
She loves to call everyone to come eat. “E E E” she says.  She sings our mealtime song, ending with an emphatic “Ah-me” (amen).
She’s a morning person, waking up full of kisses, happy and talkative.
Loves to hold the animals and boss the dogs around, telling them ‘No” and “Shhhhh”, “out”, and “Get cow”.

 It’s been cold here.
Joshua had been growing like crazy.  He is now taller than I am!

 Family tradition: Donut Saturday.  It isn’t as easy as driving to Jack and Jill’s (like we did in the states) - I start on the homemade donuts the night before -  but my kids say my donuts are just as yummy.

We finally finished the homeschool year!

We miss Ryan but are so thankful for technology and the ability to text throughout the day and even skype.  He is loving his training.

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