Friday, April 28, 2017


February seemed to fly by.  I blinked and we were into March. 

February 3 – We had weekend guests.  With all the extra kids, Julia got jumped on while on the trampoline.  She broke her fibula.  Poor girl.
 February 3 – (picture below) Leaving from our house, headed to 3CK – a once a month youth group for our missionary kids.  So thankful for our team mates who head this up.

February 4 – Our team mates try to organize a yearly MK adventure.  This year is was….a very wet one.  The first day the kids played in the river and jumped from rocks in to the river.  It was a beautiful fun day, but sometime in the night, a storm blew in.  In the wee hours of the morning rain poured.  Quickly every was awake and packing up their tents.  They (and all their gear) huddled under a little pavilion (with multiple holes in he roof) trying to stay dry and warm.  One thing about missionary kids, they can really make the best of a not so perfect situation.  It’s a great quality!  They sang, told jokes and stories and played games.  And hey watched the weather.  The rain was not letting up.  Pretty soon it was evident that the hike wasn’t going to happen.  They unfortunately called it quits and came home.  

We not only got our own kids back that evening, but five other boys who decided to stay with us a few days. 

February 5 - We had a full house.  On top of the five extra boys who were staying with us since the MK adventure got rained out, we were hosting a sweet missionary family of 5 from Bolivia.  It was crazy, the fun kind of crazy.

February 6-8 – since the older boys were already together (after the rained out adventure), hey went ahead and did a home school coop.

 Micah and David making all of us a cold coffee drink.  Micah does almost every afternoon at our house and apparently David does it for his family each afternoon.

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