Saturday, July 12, 2008

JULY 2008


July 4, 2008

It is always a bit challenging celebrating American holidays over seas. For 4th of July this year we were in Asuncion. Our newest team mates, the Terharrs invited us over for the evening. They provided the dinner and we provided the fire crackers. It is on holidays such as these that I am reminded that my husband is a little kid trapped in a grown up body. He loves blowing things up (like onions and watermelons) with the firecrackers and setting off the biggest rockets. The younger kids loved the sparklers and the older kids loved lighting the big loud ones. Micah was scared and fascinated at the same time. He kept saying, “Go” but when we went inside he cried to go back out and watch. We had a fun night celebrating America’s birthday.

Jeff and the other"kids" lighting fire crackers

Micah 21 months


July 12, 2008

We just came back from our annual SIM retreat. This year we had it at a hotel about 45 minutes outside of Asuncion. A pastor (from one of our missionary’s supporting churches) and his wife came from the states to minister to us. Each morning Pastor Chan brought us a timely word on the highs and lows of Elijah’s life. How wonderful it was to sit in “church” and not be interrupted by kids – thanks to a wonderful group (from another missionary’s supporting church) who came to give our kids a VBS experience. They loved every minute of the Cowboy themed days and learned new songs, made cute crafts, and made some new friends. The weather was wonderful and the kids swam each afternoon and played on the play ground. Of course, the highlight each year for the kids is the bonfire and s’mores. We also had a group come from the states to lead us in worship. It is an incredible time of renewal and relaxation.

During three afternoons we had the option of going on a field trip. The first day Ryan and Jeff went on a ropes course. The following day Ryan and I went to see an old volcano rock formation. On the third day we all went horse-back riding. Jeff and I stayed up way too late (1am) all 4 nights playing volleyball. We were so tired last night that we went to bed at 8:30!

So now we are (again) at the Asuncion guest house waiting for Jeff’s parents to fly in on Monday.

Ginny enjoying a sunny day at the pool

Joshua riding a horse

Ryan (in the black) and Ginny (in the
pink) riding horses one afternoon

Bringing in the cows via horse

Peek-a-boo Tyler

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