Thursday, July 31, 2008


July 30, 2008

We had a great two weeks visit with Jeff’s parents. As you can imagine, the kids excitedly awaited their arrival and immediately hugged them as they stepped from the plane (even Tyler who was jus two when they were last here). This was their third time to visit us in the three years we have been here. We are always so blessed by their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and come to Paraguay. They showered us with gifts, encouraged us in our work and made some great memories for the grandkids. This was their first trip out to our house in the rural area. Their eyes were wide as we journeyed out and especially as we hit the dirt road. Jeff’s mom kept saying, “You are so far out here!” Throughout the trip both she and Ted mentioned that our life in rural Paraguay reminded them of their growing up years – dirt roads, gas stoves, simple houses, and all the farm animals. These memories generated fascinating and priceless stories from their youth. While they were here we took a trip to Encarnacion to view the Jesuit Ruins.

Amy and Jeff's mom, Carol

Grandma reading to Ginny

Grandpa and Ginny flying

We killed one of our ducks and
cooked it for dinner. Jeff and his
dad are hanging up the dead duck
to drain the blood.

Playing with Grandpa just before
saying good-bye at the airport.

Grandpa teaching Tyler to play chess

Playing Settlers

Jesuit Ruins

Jesuit Ruins

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