Saturday, August 16, 2008

A visit from our friends


We had some dear friends come to visit us. Jamie and Jeff went to medical school together in Lubbock. More than just classmates, we were neighbors and we worshiped at the same church. Cheryl and I were involved in bible studies and woman's group together during the 3 years. Even though we have been miles apart the past 7 years and added numerous children to our families, we picked up just where we left off. We were so encouraged by their desire to serve God in Jamie’s hometown of Quitaque, Texas. Their two girls (Tiffini 6 and Ana 5) did great trying new foods, traveling many hours and meeting new people.

Jamie helping Jeff out with a heavy patient load

Tyler made a new friend in Uncle Jamie

Cheryl trying terere

While we killed and prepared Joshua’s duck, Blue, our kids pulled up chair for a front row view. Our guest weren’t quite so sure about it all. Poor Ana was a little freaked out that we killed one of our ducks to prepare for dinner and she refused to eat Blue for dinner. If she turns out to be a vegetarian later in life she’ll have the McKissicks to blame.

Tiffini loved taking care of the chickens, counting and collecting the eggs.

Ginny with her new best friend, Anna

One day the guys went on a tour of Itaipu Dam and the ladies and kids went to an aviary. It was fabulous! We were able to get up close and personal with the birds.

The girls in front of the flamingos

Here's looking at you, kid

Ryan at the aviary

Ginny with Polly

Joshua caught a fish!

Eating the fish we just caught

The kids at Iguazu Falls

We travelled to Brazil to see the Iguazu Water Falls on both the Brazil side and the Argentina side. Iguazu Falls is the largest falls by volume in the world.

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