Wednesday, September 21, 2011


September 2, 2011
I hate hate hate to see my children hurting! Today was a sad day in our house – Joshua’s guinea pig (Chewy) and Ginny’s hamster (Spot) died.  We’re not sure of what.  We had a funeral today just before lunch.  Ginny’s other hamster escaped a couple days ago and hasn’t been seen or heard of since (we fear the worse).  Ginny cried several times and Joshua kept his face hard and kept saying, “Don’t talk about it.  Don’t say his name anymore.”

We stll have 3 of Chewy's babies.  Joshua is having a hard time wanting to sell them now. 

Unfortunately we did find the missing hamster about a week later curled up behind the freezer.  Let’s just say it was gross.    

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Kristi said...

Poor babies! Grace takes it hard when an animal dies, even those on the side of the road. Give them hugs from us. By the way, i have 2 e-mail addresses for u. Which one is right? We love and miss u guys. You are always n our thoughts!