Thursday, September 29, 2011


September 17, 2011 Julia stopped nursing this week. Makes me kind of sad. She is not walking…perhaps she is waiting to take her first steps for my family who come in this week. She has, however, learned to skateboard. It is the cutest thing. She gets a knee and arm on the board, the other arm and knee stay on the ground to help her push.
We worked really hard to finish our home schooling year this week. Now we can fully enjoy Oma and Opa’s visit next week.
When we got stuck in the mud coming into Asuncion Sunday, I think Jeff was a bit excited about using the winch for the first time. His excitement was soon dashed when he realized the hitch lock was so corroded that the winch could not be used!
I asked Ginny, “So is Tangled (the movie) a girl movie or do boys like it too?” She said, “Boys can like it too, after all, everyone has hair.” Paul (our colleague) just had a hip replacement. We’d explained the whole surgical process and mechanics of a hip (ball and socket) to the kids. One night Ginny prayed, “God, thank you that Paul has new balls.” I was laughing too hard to pray when my turn came. Micah declared today that his boots were too tight and we would be wearing flip-flops now. These boots have been glued on Micah for 1 ½ years (seriously, it was all he wore). I said, Micah, how will people recognize you?” He answered, “I still have my bathing suit.” This is true. He is going on 1 year of LOVING his bathing suit. He’s already worn 1 out, but thankfully we had a duplicate.

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Sure miss your sweet family! May God continue to work in your ministry! Love y'all! Lauren