Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Floyds have been our team mates. They moved to San Francisco 10 years ago and began what is now an exciting, growing, and maturing church. Now God has called them to move to another town and begin another church plant. These past few months as they have visited other places, we have been a sounding board as well as praying with them for God’s direction. They finally narrowed the places down to Jaguaete Cora and Jataity and we began even more fervently praying for their decision. Things in Jataity weren;t very encouraging – there was no man of peace, no housing options, people weren’t friendly, and the town, they felt, was spiritually dead. Everything was, however, falling into fell into place for them to move to Jaguaete Cora, which is where they will be headed in a couple months. Jeff and I realized that sometime while praying over these towns, God had given us a burden for Jataity. Now, we are constantly hearing about Jataity. Jeff treats more and more patients from there, we’re realizing just how many of our friends have family living there, Ryan’s soccer team only plays Jataity’s team, and we are getting to know the doctor of that town because I am teaching him English. While Jeff and I were talking one day with him after English class, he mentioned that there was such a medical need in his town and he wasn’t able to handle it all. Isn’t it funny how God works? We never really know how he will stir our hearts. Our job is to be ready when he speaks and to be obedient to his calling. We aren’t planning on a move any time soon, but we have set “working ourselves out of a job” as a goal. As the church leaders continue to mature and rely less and less on us, we should not do for them what they are capable of doing themselves. What we have decided to do is commit one afternoon a week to Jataity where Jeff will give ultrasounds. The whole family will go in hopes people will be interested in beginning bible studies in their homes. Please pray for us as we venture beyond our town.

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Ken and Christie said...

VERY exciting!!! Praying for y'all as you go into this new area.