Saturday, October 8, 2011


September 29, 2011 Micah celebrated turning 5 with a dinosaur birthday. Thanks to both sets of grandparents (who provided themed cups, plates, a table cloth and napkins, gift bags, and gifts) the party was great. Over an empanada dinner, we told dinosaur jokes and took a dinosaur quiz. Next we ate a dinosaur cake (Which, if I am allowed to brag, turned out pretty cute) and dinosaur cookies. After Micah opened his gifts, the kids participated in a relay race by wearing dinosaur feet and balancing a dinosaur egg on a spoon. Next the kids made dinosaur fossils (man, how many times has “dinosaur” been written in this post?). It was especially fun because it was the first birthday of Micah’s that the grandparents were able to be here for.
Blowing out the candles
Dinosaur cookies
Walk like a dinosaur while carrying a dinosaur egg
Walking like a dinosaur

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Abbie said...

Happy Bday, Micah! :)Great dino ideas! 2 of Luke's 4 birthdays have been dinosaur parties. I'm sure we'll have more, and I'm stealing your ideas. Cute cake!