Tuesday, October 4, 2011


September 22 my family arrived! They met Julia for the first time.
We spent one night in Asuncion and then headed home. Here’s a summary of our trip: 1 overloaded vehicle 2 x 10 chickens 3 rodents 4 weeks’ worth of groceries (that’s a lot of food!) 5 kids in the back seat 6 teen kilo watermelon 7 hours of travel 8 big bags (plus lots of little bags, computer bags and backpacks) 9 stops along the way 10 of us, plus a puppy headed to San Francisco….let the fun begin! Let me explain the animals….since it had recently been a rough week with Joshua and Ginny’s pets dying, they decided to spend their money to replace them. Duma, the guinea pig, and Chipmunk and Squeeky, the hamsters were added to the traveling circus. We’d been thinking that we’d buy another dog and thought that while we were in Asuncion waiting for my family, we’d take a look at the selection. Well, who could just look at puppies? We feel in love with this golden retriever and brought her home. Her name is Comet (a dirtball with a tail). The chickens? Well, they’re just practical. P.S Julia rode forward facing for the first time. She loved it and so did the puppy.

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