Monday, October 24, 2011


October 8, 2011 

After a major storm, God allowed the sun to shine so the 2 Saturday events I was looking forward to wouldn't be cancelled - our 2nd kids' club and youth group. 

We had a great kids’ club with new faces.  Praise God for the two women who are heading this up and for David who is willing to lead the kids with music.

After kids’ club, my friend, Nilsa came over to make cabure dough.  When the youth came over later that evening, we wrapped the dough on broom sticks and cooked them over hot coals.

 Liz shared with the youth about running the Christian race. 

Then we shared s’more fixin’s that my family brought from the US.  Since we cannot get any of the ingredients in country, it was the youths’ first.  They loved them.


10 eggs

3/4K cornmeal

1K starch



Mix together and form into large balls

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Ken and Christie said...

You have really been doing lots of traditional cooking lately, huh? I'm glad you share the recipes... it makes much more sense to me in English. ;)