Monday, October 31, 2011


October 10-14, 2011
Day #1 memories:
Beginning our vacation by celebrating Tyler’s 7th birthday with team mates
Touring a Jesuit ruin San Cosme y Damian
Visiting a small planetarium and learning the Guarani names for different constellations Looking at the moon through their telescope
Sleeping 8 in a tiny 3 bed hotel room

Day #2 – My children have inherited my love for the beach and talk about wanting to go all the time.  Since we live in a land-locked country, that request is tough.  So when we saw pictures of an island with sand dunes, we knew had to check it out.  The outing did not disappoint.  We all loved the relaxing hour long boat ride to sand dunes.  Julia was mesmerized by the lulling of the waves. 
The island was wonderful!  The kids ran up, played in and slid/summersaulted/rolled/fell down the huge dunes.  They splashed in the water, explored the beach, played tennis and catch, and built sand castles.
This was Julia’s first time in sand and she loved it.  Apparently it tasted pretty good by the fistfull.
I took 200 pictures of my beautiful children. 

After we pried ourselves off the dunes, we heading into town and set up camp.  New flashlights, stomp rockets, yummy grilled pork, s’mores and then off to bed.

Setting up the tent 

Beautiful sunset

Julia LOVED her first marshmellow

At 2AM Jeff and I awoke to strong winds, loud thunder, and bright lightening.  A huge storm was rolling in and we did not want to be caught in a tent in it (nor have to pack up a wet tent in the morning).  Jeff made an executive call to pack up camp.  Our kids were such good sports lending a sleepy hand.  We got it all picked up and thrown inside the care just before torrential rains poured.  Luckily, my family had rented a room for the night, so we all crashed with them.

Day #3 memories:
Hotel with trampoline, pool table, ping-pong and foosball table
Peacocks, iguana, alligator, dogs, horses, sheep
Cat in the Hat movie

Day #4 memories:
Horseback riding
Shopping for hammocks and aopo’i
Hotel Independencia
New swimming pool

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Abbie said...

Those are some of the best pictures I have ever seen. LOVE them. So glad for your great family time.