Saturday, March 10, 2012

This and That of the weeks

2-21-12: The Floyds spent the night for my birthday.

2-22-12: Jockey came the following day to spend another week with us.  His goal was to interview us for the video he is making on rural church planting.  Finding a quiet spot to grab us on film was a challenge.  Between the crickets, the dogs barking, our neighbor’s blaring music, the screeching of motorcycles, our children opening doors...we finally got something he could work with. 

2-23-12: We went to Jataity for mobile clinic and had our 3rd bible study with a family there.

2-24-12: And it rained this week which thankfully sent the temperatures way down!

2:24-12: Micah agreed to give up sucking his thumb (he calls it his yucky) in exchange for the Cars candy tin on top of our refrigerator.  Finally after marking off 7 “yucky free” days, he got his prize!  Later that night Tyler said, “Can I get a candy tin if I stop picking my nose and eating my boogers?” 

2-25-12: We had one of those kids’ clubs where everything seemed to block us from getting started (dead batteries, broken speakers, a car that wouldn’t start), but once we did, it was great.

2-27-12: Our future team mates, the Houghs, came in town to paint their house.  They stayed three nights with us while they did.  Jeff went over to help them after clinic and lunch.  I stayed back each day and watched their 5 children.  Both days we had few Paraguayan kids in our house as well.

3-1-12: We had our annual SIM business meeting in Villarrica.  How sweet it is to fellowship together!  I made a cake for two of our teammates who are having baby girls.
3-2-12: HAPPY TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I wondered how we were going to celebrate, since we are in the city for a few days (in order to get our Brazil visas).  If we were at home I would have made red, white and blue pancakes for breakfast, Mexican dishes for lunch and dinner, and frosted Texas shaped cookies.  But, as it happened, we stumbled upon a new Mexican food kiosk at the mall.  It was surprisingly good.  We, of course, read a few books about Texas and proudly displayed our flag.  

3-3-12: I learned that Micah has been able to ride a 2 wheeled bike for “a long time” now.  (Tyler apparently taught him).  Feel like a bad parent for not realizing.

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