Friday, March 30, 2012

ODDS and ENDS of this WEEK

3-1-12: We had our annual SIM business meeting in Villarrica.  How sweet it is to fellowship together!  I made a cake for two of our teammates who are having baby girls.

3-2-12: HAPPY TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I wondered how we were going to celebrate, since we are in the city for a few days (in order to get our Brazil visas).  If we were at home I would have made red, white and blue pancakes for breakfast, Mexican dishes for lunch and dinner, and frosted Texas shaped cookies.  But, as it happened, we stumbled upon a new Mexican food kiosk at the mall.  It was surprisingly good.  We, of course, read a few books about Texas and proudly displayed our flag.  

3-3-12: I learned that Micah has been able to ride a 2 wheeled bike for “a long time” now (according to Tyler who apparently taught him). 

Ginny and her friends making cookies.

3-7-12: We finished reading through the bible “in a year” with the kids (it took 14 months) and Joshua said, “Well, whatever we read now will seem really really short!” 
3-8-12: Mom: “Finish this quote by Patrick Henry, ‘I know not what coarse others will take, but as for me.....’”
Joshua: “And my house, we will serve the Lord.”
Tyler repeatedly says, “Can I match it?” and Micah says, “Can I fire it?”  Both are trying to ask if they can lite something.

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