Sunday, April 1, 2012


The Hough family arrived in Paraguay the same year we did.  For a year we studied Guarani daily together and fellowshipped outside of class regularly.  The same week we moved to San Francisco, they moved to another town 45 minutes.  We lived in our respective town about 2 years and then because of the furloughs and their state-side Spanish studies, we didn’t see them for 2 ½ years (mission life is very crazy).
In San Francisco, we joined a family that had been living here 10 years, but in December they moved to another town.   We prepared ourselves to (indefinitely) be the lone Americans in our town.  However, God had different plans. 
When the Houghs arrived from furlough in December, they began searching for a new ministry location.  God laid San Francisco on their hearts. 
We are thrilled to have them in our town as of this month.  Dan and Sarah have a heart for youth ministry.  Dan will not only be training up youth workers in our town, but help SIM youth groups in the surrounding towns.  Please pray for them as they have been in transition for a long time and are anxious to get settled again.

 Ginny entertaining the little ones while the adults worked.

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Christie said...

So excited for both of your families!!