Thursday, April 19, 2012


Wow!  It took me longer than I thought to get back into the routine of things after being away from San Francisco nearly 3 weeks.  The house was so full of cobwebs and dust that I felt like was in a haunted house.  The kids jumped back into homeschool after the long break and, after a week, we’ve been trying to get jump-started and back on track.
4-6-12: Today is Jeff’s birthday.  The rain kept the patients away and we were able to enjoy a nice quite day of playing games and hanging out as a family.  Jeff opened his gift and read his handmade cards.  Jeff’s birthday request was to grill.  Ginny made a fabulous chocolate cake.  Our teammates joined us for dinner and dessert.
4-7-12: We went to the little (and I emphasize little) fair that has come to town.  It has three rides – one of which is a hand powered Merry-go-Round (yes, the guy really runs abound it holding onto one of the seats).  The kids did the ferris wheel and the giant swings a couple times and we were home in an hour.  Since no trip to the fair (no matter how little) is complete without funnel cakes, I made some when we got home.
4-8-12: We celebrated Easter morning with our church family.  There was no new fancy dresses and sun bonnets, no talk of Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, or egg hunts....just God as the focus.  I love our simple life here.  Praise God the rain held off till about 20 minutes after the service was over.  Mid-afternoon Paul and Becky came through and for dinner we had the Hough’s (our teammates) over as well.  Our 3 families ended Easter Sunday with a worship time and communion.
4-9-12: The Dreilings stayed at our place and it was nice to visit with them a bit more in the morning.  They left at noon and another set of team mates came for lunch.  Have I mentioned before how much we love our mission family? 
4-10-12: A bit late, but the kids dying Easter eggs today.
4-11-12: We decorated Easter cookies.
4-12-12: Jeff was gone Thursday to Saturday for Timothy Training (next post).  The kids and I did some spring cleaning (even though we’re heading into fall) and I did some odd and ends sewing.

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