Monday, April 23, 2012


          In January Jeff (along with other missionary colleagues) held a training workshop for rural Paraguayan men. The goal was to teach them a different method of sharing the gospel – through Bible stories. Over the three days, the men memorized, discussed, put to drama, and wrote songs about each story. At the end of the workshop they were encouraged to share these stories and more specifically, to find someone to disciple and teach him all the stories. The idea then was to bring that disciple to the next Timothy Training.

Between lost phone lists, the threat of rain, last minuteness, and key people out of town, the recent Timothy Training class had a different feel to it than the first. Unfortunately, only one of the original participants brought a disciple with him. One colleague reflected, “In spite of a reduced group and incomplete homework, we continue to be encouraged by the testimonies of how they were able to share God's Word with people who had never cared to hear or as they glowingly talked about Bible studies they are teaching using the Biblical narratives.”

This group learned a new set of stories and shared deep insights about each one. Their challenge: make disciples of men. Pray for these men as the word of God is being sown deeper into their hearts and as it (naturally) overflows to their family, neighbors and colonias. As one farmer said, “This is the key to reaching rural Paraguay.” I’m telling you, God is up to something very wonderful and we are thrilled to be a (small) part of it.

Jeff playing Abraham

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Christie said...

You're a BIG part of it! I get so excited hearing about these Timothy Training sessions. I'm sure the impact is rippling all through the area, and it's very encouraging. :)