Saturday, November 24, 2012



What we thought was our neighbor’s pesky rooster has woken us up each morning at the crack of dawn.  Jeff and I have grumbled at the irony that he spent so much time building our chicken coop to contain all our fowl and yet we still have fowl problems.  We’ve lain awake in those wee early mornings plotting how to get rid of the problem.  Would just clipping his wings and throwing him over the fence be enough?  Or would more drastic measures need to take place?  Would anyone notice? 

                        Finally we’d had enough.  Between the lose hamster scratching on our wooden wall all night, the three 5 week old puppies moaning and groaning, our two dogs barking at cows being herded past our place; the rooster alarm clock had to go.  Jeff asked Ginny to catch the rooster so he could kill it.  She looked surprised and said, “But we brought that rooster with us when we moved from San Francisco?”  Our rooster?  It was ours the entire time and we could have killed it weeks ago.  We feel like idiots, to say the least.


KITCHEN Woes...I don’t completely understand why, but my kids substituted cumin for cinnamon in the muffins this morning.  It’s just one of those times I wish I hadn’t asked them to quadruple the recipe.

RETREAT...Our SIM missionary ladies retreat was fabulous.  So thankful for the women I get to serve with and learn from.

TYLER SAYS...While the kids were swimming, Tyler asked Ginny to count how many minutes he could stay underwater holding his breath.  Tyler dove under and came up when Ginny had counted to four.  “Four seconds, Tyler.”  Tyler replied disappointed, “Ginny, I asked you to count in minutes.”

SICKNESS....I don’t know what is worse – having all the kids sick at the same time or a different child (and Jeff) sick 7 days in row.  The latter plight was ours.  Thankful to all be healthy again.

INTERNS...Samuel and Kate – a medical couple from Australia– are doing a month long internship with us.

CAR TROUBLES...While driving back from Asuncion, Jeff noticed a strange sound under the hood and a near total loss of power.  Yesterday the car wouldn’t start and today we are having it towed back into Asuncion (5 hours away).  It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t look cheap.

PREGNANCY UPDATE...(11.16.12)....I felt the baby move for the first time last night!  Ginny was sitting next to me when it happened so she got to feel the baby too.  I am 19 weeks.


Loves to yell, “Gooooooooaaaaaal!” when the boys are playing soccer.

Loves to talk on the phone.  She loves to put my phone to her ear and pretend she’s in a conversation with someone.  She’ll talk, then listen, laugh and talk and listen some more.

Covers her eyes and says, “I see you.”  Then uncovers her eyes and says, “Where do you go?”

New words every day.  She finally says all her siblings’ names.  

Plays Rock, Paper, Shoot with the kids.


Cuzco playing dress-up
I found Micah asleep for the night like this,

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