Tuesday, January 22, 2013


With the holidays, heat, visits, car troubles, and a trip to Asuncion I felt like we’d been off our “normal” routine for ages.  I decided to begin the school year up again Wednesday, January 2, 2013. 


New Student...Micah will be joining in this year.  I have really been praying for wisdom in working with him because he can be quite headstrong.  When we have brought up the subject of school he is adamant that he will not do it – ever.  We’ve tried starting a time or two since his September birthday but we gave in as it wasn’t worth the fight.  So this New Year, I am praying for my new student and his new attitude.


Breaking a habit...Another big change for Micah this New Year is that he is supposed to give up thumb sucking.  For a year we have tried everything in the book to get him to stop and nothing has worked.  Our deal was that if he hadn’t stopped by the New Year, Jeff would cast it. Jeff did just that.

Potty training....Julia received big girl panties in her stocking this year and we decided the New Year was a good time to begin potty training.  A week into, I cannot say that it is going too well.  With 8 people and one bathroom, odds are someone is in the bathroom when she needs to go (or when SHE thinks she needs to go or when WE think she needs to go).  

RESOLUTIONS: We introduced our children to the tradition of New Year resolutions.  We encouraged each of them to make resolutions in 4 different categories following a Luke 2:52 passage – knowledge (and Jesus grew in wisdom...), a physical resolution (....in stature...), a spiritual resolution (...and favor with God...) and a resolution to specifically bless someone (...and man).  It was great to hear their hearts as we shared our resolutions today at lunch.

I have decided to get back into working out – run/walking.  Sunday our neighbor mowed our grass while we were at church and then refused to let us pay him.  He said that he felt bad for me walking/running in tall grass.

Living on the mission field makes you thankful for the little things.  For the first time EVER I found Dr Pepper and Root Beer in Asuncion!  I secretly bought a case of each and gave it to the family on Christmas Day.  They were thrilled and may remember those soft drinks over the games and toys they received!

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Christie said...

Praying for strength for you in this new school year, and that Micah has a sudden, drastic change of heart. Kudos on casting the thumb. That was a great idea. ;) And I cannot believe how much Julia looks like you, more and more the older she gets. As always, good to get an update on the McKissick clan. Hope to see y'all in a few more days....