Sunday, October 20, 2013


Ginny moved the lawn for the first time

For the first time since we moved rural 6 years ago, we have high speed internet!  The kids enjoyed skyping with their grandparents and showing them around our house.

Jeff’s mom bought me a raclete grill 10 years ago and we lugged it all the way to Paraguay.  The first time we used it here was last Christmas and second time was recently with our 2 Swiss team mates.  Raclete is a traditional Swiss meal and our team mates got a kick out of eating it Paraguay. 

 The guy laying down knocked his shoulder out of socket laying fell out of an ox cart THREE weeks ago.  Jeff needed our help, so we were all out there trying to push and pull and pop it back in.  Ryan was pushing (he's in the red shirt), Jeff was rotating.  I was pushing.  Tyler and Micah were holding chairs.

These are the team mates that announced to us last year (through a hilarious song and dance) that we were having a boy.  This month we got to return the “favor” and surprise them with the gender of their 6th baby.  Our family helped plan a scavenger hunt with clues and games along the way.  At the end, they all bit into a cupcake, revealing bright pink icing.  It was made even more special because both the grandmas were visiting and were able to be a part of the fun moment.

The Howells, Kevin and Rebekah, Micah, Alicia and Lydia, are our newest team mates who arrived about 6 months ago.  They have just recently started Guarani language school and are getting settled into a new community.  Rebekah’s parents and brother come for a visit and we had a fun time hosting them a couple nights.  That’s 8 extra people in our tiny house!  It was tight but a great time.  One day 4 other families came to our place for lunch and the afternoon to celebrate Alicia’s 3rd birthday.


We LOVE all our team mates!


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