Monday, February 24, 2014

JOSIAH at 10 months (wow, time flies!)

He is crawling all over the place which means he is getting into everything on his level and pulling things down things that aren’t.  Pretty much daily he finds the terere horn and dumps it out.  The resulting mess is damp green yerba smeared all over his body and the floor.  The bathroom is his favorite place to crawl to and the biggest “no no”.  We put a lock on the outside of our bathroom door because it won’t stay closed without one but with so many of us going in and out often the door isn’t latched.  You can see the wheels turning in Josiah’s mind when he spies a partially opened door.  He begins crawling…slow at first and then faster and faster.  Then just as he reaches the threshold he stops, sits, and waits for someone to notice his bravery.  He smiles at those who are watching and enters the bathroom hoping to reach the toilet paper prize before being ushered out.  

Josiah loves to clap and oh, how he loves to clap at himself and his accomplishments

He’s pulling up to a stand on anything – stable or unstable.  This has resulted in many falls and a few forehead goose eggs.

His first tooth popped through and is slowly making its way down.  I haven’t noticed any extra fussiness sometimes accompanying teething.

And, the biggest milestone Josiah has reached this month is……sleeping!  At 10 months Josiah finally decided to sleep a few hours at a time during the night.  I don’t know what finally clicked in his brain, but I am so thankful he is only waking twice now to nurse in middle of the night.  

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